Two Roads Foundation was born out of a recent trip to Uganda Africa by Greg and Donna Stone.  That’s how the estimated 2 million orphans and street children of Uganda took on real names and faces and personalities.  Two Roads was created with the vision of sponsoring these children so they can receive food and an education, but ultimately so that they will become disciples of Jesus.  As disciples they will be empowered to change their city of Kabale, Uganda.   We have established a partnership with Tukwasibwe Junior a national living in Kabale, Uganda.  That’s Junior in the far left of the picture that shows some of the kids that Junior ministers to.  Since 2009 Junior has been ministering to the street children through an organization called Educate a Child –Street Children – Uganda.  Junior, educated as a social worker, seeks to help these vulnerable children with food and clothing and getting them in school.  We are partnering with Junior to help get as many of these children sponsored and enrolled in school as possible.

To date Two Roads has sponsored 32 children and has provided general funds to help Junior in his work.  All of these children will be provided uniforms, have school fees paid, and receive 2 meals on the weekend when they are not is school.  The cost of sponsoring a child is $40.  Currently Two Roads Foundation has been incorporated in the state of Oklahoma.  We are working through the next steps of becoming a 501c3 nonprofit.  Because we didn’t want to wait to get these kids in school we are working through an existing church so that gifts may be made tax exempt.

We are actively seeking sponsors for children.  As a small organization we want sponsors to be as involved as they can be in their sponsored child’s life.  We will provide pictures and details about your child’s family or life situation.  We will be making trips regularly to visit the children and continually evaluate their needs.  Long term goals include building a new center where Junior can better meet the needs of these children.  We plan to plant a church in the city of Kabale.