Dear Family and Friends,

It has been a while since I sent out an update.   We do hope that you had a very blessed Christmas with family and friends.

We rejoice over what we see God doing in the children’s lives – children who we have had the privilege of sponsoring to go to school and to provide food for.  All of you sponsors out there are our heroes as you provide funds every month to make this possible.  As we close the year we have 56 students sponsored.

The children are all on break now.  They go to school 3 terms per year.  The new school term starts the first of February 2017.  We are able to provide about 2/3 of the cost of food over this 2 month break for all the children that Junior Tukwasibwe works with at the Center.  When we started we provided only for the students we sponsor, but have continually added to that so that now we are seeking to help feed 150 children.  We paid some of our children’s guardians to plant crops on the new land.  These crops will help in the future to feed the children.

Our next trip is the end of January and we are excited that Jess and Beth Ritchie, who both went with us in July, will be returning for this trip.  On this trip we hope to work with Junior on the whole process of getting the children into school for a new term.  That will include meeting with each child to determine their current needs, paying school fees and getting required school supplies and clothes.  As always we  are preparing lessons from God’s Word to teach them each day.  Most of all we look forward to making deeper and deeper relationships and making known to them the glorious riches of God’s grace.

I read so many other ministries who seem to have it all together – much like people’s lives look like on Facebook or Instagram…but I would honestly tell you that we do not have this all figured out.  We just try to do what God shows us to do next.  Will we build a new center anytime soon?  I honestly don’t know.  Will we begin to spend more time in Kabale?  Again I don’t know.  All I know is that we have sought to leave behind the stuff of this world so we can be available to do whatever God wants.  I do know that He wants us to just draw near to Him.  He is more concerned with who we are becoming than what we are doing.  I just pray that we will be faithful to do that.

I wanted to share this picture of Bridget who was baptized during our last visit! I can’t help but smile every time I see it!

Thanks for all of your support both financial and in prayer.

We love you all,

Greg & Donna

Bridget who was baptized during our last visit!