Date of Birth: 28-July-2001
Gender: Female
Status: Orphaned
Class: Primary Six
Best Subject: Science
Interest: To become a Teacher
Hobby: Singing.

Mother Abandoned Child When She was 3 month old and has not returned since.
Siblings: O
Parental status: Single Orphan

Further Details:
Health: Good
Social / Emotional Wellbeing: Good
Spiritual Development: Committed
School Performance: Average
Notes: Well behaved and promising but she needs attention at school..
Date of entry: 24/07/07
Current need: Primary Education, a family environment and Medical care. Catherine is studying at Akanyijuka Primary School Kabale. She stays at Akanyijuka Orphanage. She needs a sponsorship of US $40 per month to continue living at the Orphanage and complete Primary Education
Other needs: Clothes, Shoes, transport to visit relatives twice a year.