Bringing glory to God through changed lives

Here a quick update on what has been going on around Two Roads!

Mission to Uganda:  We recently returned from a 2 week trip to Uganda.  Here is the team.  Jacob Hamburger, Levi Johnson, Cindy Bond, Charlene Semkin, Summer Chen, and Greg.  They were all new to Uganda except for Summer.  Summer  was making her second trip.  They are shown here on the land that we hope to start construction on later this year.  You can give to the vision to build on this through our website. This was a great trip and we were able to do a few new things as well as continue to work daily with the children.  One of the new things we did was to encourage one of Pastor Edward’s churches  by working with them to build a new church building.  We carried brick and mortar but more importantly let them see that the body of Christ extends across the ocean.  We also spent a day in Fasha doing a “tent-meeting” where all the team had a chance to teach, share a testimony or preach the Word of God.  It was an amazing day! Below is a photo at the center with all the children holding up crosses they made.

We now have sponsored 119 children!  Thank you to all who give so that these vulnerable children in Kabale Uganda can attend school and receive meals.  Don’t forget to send them a birthday card or letter when you can! Lacy and her daughter Aspen have the ministry of collecting these cards (and making cards for those they don’t get and then mailing them once per month.   You can send cards and letters to Lacy & Aspen Hamburger at this address one month before their birthday:   3731 E 1070 Road, Weatherford, Oklahoma 73096

We had Two Roads dinner on March 24 and were able to share fellowship with lots of our sponsors. It was a great evening of food, fellowship and worship.  The Ritchie Family did a great job of leading us in Praise and worship!  Brian and Tina provided a great meal!  I was blessed by so many of you who came.  None of what we do is in our own strength, but is all about bringing God glory.

We have started a vehicle fund.  This fund is to help buy a vehicle for Junior to use in the work in Kabale.  Over a year ago we started a medical fund which is used to provide medical care as required to our children and their relatives.  This is a huge need.  One of the uses of this vehicle will be to transport sick children to the hospital.  Imagine being called in the middle of the night with an urgent medical need and then having to call many people to try to find someone who can drive you to pick up the sick person and take them for treatment.  We have about $6000 in this fund and hope to get about $15,000 so we can purchase a good rugged vehicle this year.

Skills for life is our program to help the older children and their guardians learn life skills to help them be able to make a living.  There is 70% unemployment in Kabale!  We have trained 10 of our mothers to sew or knit and got them started with a machine of their own.  Soon we will graduate 10 more and will need funds to also provide a sewing or knitting machine to these 10.  $100 per machine will make this happen.

Next trip!  We are preparing now to return in July.  We currently have 13 signed up to go!  Jess Ritchie is planning to go with us and then remain in Uganda to do ministry work until January 2019 when the next team comes.  He is graduating from High School this Spring and is doing this before he starts college.  He could use some financial support if you would like to help him with his expenses either on a monthly basis or with a one-time gift.

Prayer!!  Please join us in lifting up the children and our partner Junior Tukwasibwe.  Pray that God will speak into these lives to transform them by His power and might to His praise and glory.  Pray that He will provide resources according to His will to meet the needs that He wants met.  Pray that we will simply be His servants and carry out His will.

God bless you for your support and prayers.

Greg & Donna

If you have questions or want to discuss the work further please write or call us!!

Greg 580-307-4686 or Donna 580-307-5972  or email: