My name is Tumuheki Glory and I am 32 years old. I never got a chance to go to school, and when I was 17 years old I got involved with a man I didn’t really know well and I got pregnant. The news about the pregnancy was not received well by him and that was the last I heard of him and given the family I was coming from, none of them wanted to even see me since I was now seen as the family disgrace for getting pregnant before I was married. Well, I thought that would change after I had the baby but it just got worse as my brother one time tried killing me with my new borne child and by Gods grace we didn’t die. When I tried involving my  family and the elders about what had happened none of them actually wanted to be involved. I decided to leave home because it was not a good place for me and luckily enough I met a woman who was never married that had pity on me and decided to take me in but even then my family would still taunt me with words some of which were really disturbing like when they used to tell me that if my child died he would not have a place to be buried. Even during this time I knew someone was protecting me yet I wasn’t even saved by then.

One day my brother still wanting to kill me came to the place where I was staying and through a very big rock on the iron sheets of the house we were staying and still a God that I didn’t even believe in saved me and my son Onesmus. And from that incident I decided to leave for kabale town where no one knew me and oh my that was a rough time because I came with only a small basin for dishes together with my son who was by then two years old, I managed to get a house which by then was five thousand shillings and I did pay for two months, that’s all I had in my entire life which meant that I was then supposed to look for a job to feed me and my child. I went to the market with my little basin and a kind lady asked if I wanted a job which I agreed to very strongly. She then gave me a few fruits that I was supposed to sell and then bring back her money I did this for some time and the highest I could earn was 600 shillings. And then one day I met a couple of ladies who I was telling about my hard life and they suggested I join them in their prostitution business after convincing me that it was really paying and given my current situation I was willing to do it. I can tell you this was one of the worst experiences of my life because I didn’t anything about negotiations and the man that bought me used me and never paid me a single penny. Hungry, exhausted and depressed I went home and cried so much. Early the next day another lady suggested I needed to visit a given witch doctor to help me chase away all the curses that were following me up, he gave me medicine to put in house and one under my inner wear and none of that was helping. I was now very depressed and could not sleep I resorted to drinking for comfort and sleep, it also never worked out but what I can tell you I kept hearing a voice that used to tell me to quit whatever it is that I was practicing for there is a day I had the voice telling me to throw away the medicine from the window and my body I did what it asked but didn’t know who it was. I did the same with the alcohol but I couldn’t leave without it by then. And even with the addiction the voice didn’t give peace doing all that the guilt and restless was too big for me I cried out to the voice to just take the burden away from me.

I didn’t know what had given myself too but I was sure I needed God by then and hence decided to go church just to pass time and by then the voice got so louder that I just decided to give my life with Christ. This  didn’t make life any easier but it made everything easier because I have a father that I now look up to and as I have grown in relationship with him, I have been able to give up my vices and surrendered and still getting better.

Through my walk with Christ he gave me the courage to go back home and make peace with my family and right now my father, brother and sister in law accepted Christ through my constant praying and preaching to them. I still move around selling fruits on a basket and my son is now 15 years old and in his last year of primary school. He miraculously got sponsorship from two roads something am very grateful to the lord for. I preach the word of God to others so that the get the opportunity that I did get. I am a happy woman not because I got rich or something, I still struggle a lot with life but what makes the difference is that I now look at someone way bigger than my suffering and I am preparing for eternity as he promised us.