Akandwanaho is his Kikiga name given to him by this lady! It literally means “he fought for me”
This boy was picked from a trash bin by this Good Samaritan woman who had traveled for her sister’s funeral. It is believed that he lost his mother when he was really little to HIV/AIDS and the boy was left in the care of his maternal grandmother who was an alcoholic. After sometime, his grandma stole a Neighbor’s hen and she left the village leaving the boy a lone in the ramshackle house. 
Having been left alone, the landlord chased the kid away from his house and he began staying in the bush and would only eat from the dustbin. It is during one of his routine meals from the dustbin that Allen who is the lady in the picture took interest in finding out more about this kid. The people around told her that the boy was HIV positive and could die anytime and that they didn’t know anyone related to him. It is from this point that Allen went to the authorities and asked for permission to take him in. They did and she came back home with jigger filled boy, malnourished and lifeless boy. 
The good news is that this boy is HIV negative and has a place to stay but the Allen can’t raise school fees and enough food to take care of this boy as she also struggles with her needs! 
This boy’s birthday is not known nor his names!  He is the way he is!