Most of this newsletter was written by Amos our Ugandan director.  I will share some needs and thoughts at the end of the newsletter. 

From Amos:  At the beginning of this year, our ministry made some changes as most of you may know! Among the changes made was to secure a place for Christian discipleship and Bible study. This place came to be the “Junction” since TWO ROADS meet at the junction. It was our answered prayer that the Lord would open more doors for Bible study and discipleship and being a faithful God that He is, He extravagantly answered this payer.

He did not only answer our prayer by providing the place but also provided his abundant presence. His presence has been evident not only in the increasing number of women who attend Bible study and fellowship from around 15 women last September to an unimaginable number of more than 70 women every Tuesday, but also the level of spiritual growth we have seen these souls go through.  This growth can be seen in Rukundo’s story that her husband physically abused her, kicked her out of the house and abandoned their children. For years she had struggled with anger, bitterness and hatred for this man but through attending fellowship at the junction, the Holy Spirit delivered her from this bondage of bitterness. Rukundo’s  story is a story of several others who have received Christ as their personal Lord and savior and we have seen an increasing true worship and fellowship. (you can find these stories on our website

The Junction is a place where we also meet our kids on Junction days; these are days we have designated for discipleship and character development normally when kids are out of school.  We have intentional programs and themes aimed at having spiritually transformed kids and socially grounded young men and women who will transform their communities, country and the world for the Glory of God.  In these initial efforts, His move has been abundant and how privileged we are to see this happen! We have seen this with “Nathan” (real names withheld) who talked to us and said “ I had planned this evening with my girlfriend to have sex and it was my first time to do it but because of today’s sharing about sexual purity I will not do it, can you please allow me to be coming here every weekend?”  On this day, we were sharing about sexual purity with our late teenage boys and girls but this guy is not among the sponsored kids and for some reason he had managed to sneak in, which we don’t normally allow for capacity reasons. This was God at work! We pray to God for more capacity to reach more Nathans. His encounter is just a glimpse of so much that can and will be done by God.

God has made the Junction not only as a place for meeting the spiritual needs of those we serve but also physical needs as a testament of His provision; and yes little by little it’s a place of hope and love and for that we are grateful for those that the Lord has given us. For its because of your faithfulness that this happens.

With this family of brothers and sisters in Christ, we would like to organize a Christmas party and reflect on God’s goodness but also celebrate the birth of Christ together. We will have a gathering of both parents and their children here at the junction and its on the same occasion that we want to  recognize our best students academically and the most improved! This will be aimed at encouraging hard work and effort in the academic life of these kids.

On this occasion, we will have a kid’s representative give a testimony on behalf of others on how they have seen Christ shift their paradigm in the course of this year and the same shall be for the parents. We hope that God will use these testimonies as an encouragement to others.

To fully share this day with the our parents and kids, we have planned to give a  food Christmas package to each family of our children. Christmas is a widely celebrated day here with a big feast of a meal in Uganda. We are considering doing this because our kids’ families can’t afford a decent meal on Christmas day. We hope that Christ’s love will be felt on this day. Pease join us in prayer and support for this to happen.

Your is Christ,



From Greg:  So you just heard from Amos about the Christmas celebration we are planning!  Would you help us to do this with your financial support?  We need about $20 per sponsored child to cover the cost of everything including a great meal and also sending food home with each family.  We currently have 122 children sponsored (some of you are already doing the math…122 x $20=$2440).  If you would like to pay $20 for your sponsored child that would be great!   (you can give through the website or you an mail a check to Two Roads Foundation, 611 Delaware, Perry, OK 73077.

Also we have a team going back to Uganda Jan. 1st!  We plan to take back some computers…except we don’t have any!  So if you have a laptop or smaller desktop computer that you would like to donate it would be greatly appreciated.  Some computers will be used by our new staff and some will be used to help train our students on using the computer and basic programs like word and excel.

Please pray for this team as they go! We have 5 confirmed and are praying specifically for 3 more who plan to go, if God makes a way.



Greg & Donna