We have so much to share about what God is doing that we have added a mid-month newsletter.  We love hearing about what is doing in people’s lives. At the beginning of the month you heard from Amos and what God has done in some of the children and in some of our mom’s lives.  Now we will hear from our Summer Intern, Sarina Brothers, who spent most of this past summer in Kabale, Uganda.

Sweet Reminders by Sarina Brothers

I am not much of a writer nor do I know the best way to express myself through words, but I do know one thing: God is so good, and He loves so well. As I reminisce over this past summer, I think about all the things I never expected to learn. I learned some simple things, like how to make cement and that glue is made from cow hooves; but I also learned so many valuable things through Christ.

As a sophomore in college, the most important thing I have learned, and continue to learn, is how to grow my own faith. I grew up in a Christian home and was surrounded by Christian teachings, morals, and values. Although I followed the “rules” of Christianity, I never really understood how to have a relationship with the Father. As I continue to learn how to navigate my young adult life, I continue to discover what it truly means to be a follower of Christ and to have my own relationship with Him and to not “rely” on my parents’ faith. Going to Uganda this past summer was so significant in my walk with Christ. I learned how to not devote my time to so many worldly things, but instead using that free time to worship, pray, or just to read the Bible. I learned how to step out of my comfort zone when it comes to serving Christ; singing in front of kids is a FUN time. I also was able to really develop a knowledge of how to live in peace with Christ, even though we live in such a broken world.

Occasionally, I look through the photos on my phone from this summer, and I am just so thankful; thankful, because I was able to spend seven weeks in my favorite place on earth surrounded by so many people I love; thankful, because I got to change diapers and get peed on at least 3 different times (haha we LOVE when this happens). The most important thing I am thankful for, however, is the growth in my relationship with Christ.

One of my favorite days from this summer was my birthday. Although I was blessed with so many precious little gifts and sweet words from the team, I was blessed to be able to spend it with all the kids. We were able to pass out pineapple to the kids, and boy, do they love it. This pineapple was so sweet, but what made this day so much sweeter was Jesus. Every little hug I got over this summer reminded me of the sweet love of Jesus. Even when I fail Him daily, He is still there. Although I am so unworthy of Him or any good thing He gives, God gives His grace to us so freely. This is such good news!! These sweet little reminders lead me to be in awe of God every day.

As a 19-year-old, I never imagined I would spend a summer in a foreign country, but through Christ it was possible. I was able to experience God’s love, peace, and joy more than I ever have. While I continue to navigate my new adult life, I continue to discover more and more about God, which is such a cool and rewarding thing. I am in constant awe of how good He is and the grace He freely gives. It is something my brain cannot ever fully fathom and something my words will never be able to fully express.

Just a few closing thoughts.  Remember the Christmas project for the children and their parents/guardians!  If you can provide a gift of $20 that would be great! Some of you already have!  We are about half way to amount we need.  We will be sending this to Uganda at the end of November.  Please pray that the gospel will be clearly shared and received by all who come to the Junction for the Christmas celebration.

I haven’t heard from anyone about having a computer to donate.  Let me know if you have a one you would be willing to donate. Finally, remember our team that will be leaving in 6 weeks!

Thanks for your support,

Greg & Donna