March 1, 2020

Back to school!  In this edition of the newsletter we will share about the adventures of getting students back to school, share about a new staff member, invite you to our annual meeting and share some projects we are working on.  Here in Kabale the new school year started Feb. 4th. They attend for three terms each year, with each term being approximately 3 months.  This year we decided that many of the schools we had children in were performing poorly.  We have moved all the children from lower performing schools to better schools! The picture at the right is a secondary school called Solberg College. We have 39 students attending this school!  The headmaster has agreed to allow Two roads staff to come to school twice a month to meet and disciple children.

The other secondary school we are partnering with is Brainstorm.  We have   10 students there now.

We are also sending the primary students to three different schools that are located in three different areas of Kabale District. The three schools are Winners Primary, Child Africa Primary and New Foundation Primary. The children all seem excited about their new schools!

We will have more pictures in a upcoming newsletter with the students at their schools with their new uniforms.

Last month we introduced you to Derick our program manager.  In this update let me introduce you to Julie who will be our accountant, but actually will also be a mentor to the children and vital part of our team in many ways! Here in her own words…

”My name is Juliet Tabucia, from Arua district West Nile region. I come from a family of 14 and am the 2nd last born, I lost my dad in 2001 when I was in primary 4 and that marked me starting to live with different relatives who lived in other parts of the country. While in my senior 2, I made the decision to become born again and this then helped me to avoid bad groups, and guided my decisions so much. Now my choice of Jesus has given me better understanding of life, joy and peace. In 2010 I got an opportunity to be sponsored by Cornerstone Development Africa for my senior 5 and 6. During vacation I got to volunteer in one of the youth corps homes (department of Cornerstone) as a mentor through my university studies. After my studies I was retained as a full time employee as a social worker/mentor and for some months worked in the accounts department. In my walk of salvation the urge to understand better the Bible led to attending Bible study class and Bible school for the last 3 and half years which has equally shaped my way of life to a calmer person than before. The word of God has immensely molded my way of living, my attitude towards people around me and those I meet in the course of life. My last Bible class helped me to have even more yearning for the word of God and helped me enjoy the gift of salvation more and live knowing that I am a blessed child, believer, follower and disciple of Jesus.”


We are so blessed to have a staff who love the Lord and seek to make Him known!! If you would like to help support our staff you can do that by a regular gift of any amount.  We now have 5 full time staff and 3 part staff.  On of the easiest ways to give is through a monthly bank draft to Two Roads. If you are interested there is a form attached to this newsletter that you can fill out a mail to us or scan and email back to us.  Our mailing address is Two Roads Foundation, 611 Delaware, Perry OK 73077.

Coming Soon! Save the Date! The 2 Roads Annual Meeting is upon us! Join us 5:00 PM, April 4th, 2020, at the Noble County Fair Ground’s Women’s Building (E Boundary Street, Perry, Ok 73077) for a “Day In Kabale”. We will start the “day” with a delicious breakfast of banana pancakes and then we will enjoy activities that are done on a normal Junction Day. We also will be providing updated information on how God is working in Kabale, how your contributions are making a difference, and new ways to get involved. We have lots of space this year, so we are encouraging everyone to invite their friends and family to the meeting. It is a great place for people to learn about the incredible opportunities to get involved in God’s work across the world. We will also hear from our Uganda staff via video! 

Please let us know by March 28th how many people are coming with you so we can be sure to have enough food. We can’t wait to see everyone in April!

Finally, I am also attaching some of the projects that will require extra funding.  We have a donor who has pledged to match every dollar given toward these projects, up to $5000.  We hope to meet these project needs soon!

Thank you for partnering with us,


Greg & Donna