Hello all!

We all find ourselves in the middle of the world wide Coronavirus pandemic! Everyone is affected in some way! Of course, we know that God is still on the throne!  Proverbs 12:25 “Anxiety in a man’s heart weighs it down, but a good word cheers it up.”   We believe even in this pandemic that there is purpose as well as work to be done, whether that is on our knees in prayer for the afflicted or mobilizing help for those who are hurting.

The virus has affected all of us.  It has also reached to Uganda.  This week the schools in Kabale were closed for at least a month.  The borders and the airport at Entebbe have also been closed. There are no large gatherings allowed.

In the midst of all the craziness we have made reservations for summer trips! This is where crazy and faith sometimes seem to get blurred to some! Of course, we won’t go if we can’t fly, but we have 3 months before the first team goes and then 5 months before the last team goes in September.  The prognosis for the future changes every day! It is totally in God’s hands!

The real question is what do we do now?  For starters we are evaluating how our ministry needs to change in the short term.  With the children out of school, they no longer get meals at schools. Also, the government is not allowing any gatherings so we can’t feed the children on Junction days.  Our staff is working on plans to distribute food to each of our Two Roads Family through this time of school closures.  Of course, we can and will divert funds that would have been used to feed the children on weekends, but it will take more funds to buy food for longer term help and feed whole families.  If you would like to help with this short term need you can send a check to: Two Roads Foundation, 611 Delaware, Perry, OK 73077. You can also give on line by going to the website. Just specify if you want it to go to the emergency food need or just for the greatest need.  Any funds raised above what are needed to meet immediate food needs will be used for the ongoing ministry in Kabale.

I had hoped we could have posted pictures of all the children at their various schools, but schools in Kabale were postponed like they are here.  I have attached a picture that Tyra took at Solberg college (High school) during a recent visitation day where our staff visited the students (first page).  Here is a picture of our good-looking students at New Foundation Primary School – looking sharp!  Also, like here we don’t yet know what will happen for the rest of this first term. Will we make it up or just cancel the rest of it?

We are going to try to “reconfigure” the April 4th event to be on-line!! We can’t have a large gathering in person, but we can online! More details will be coning before the event on how you can be a part of it via the internet.  Join us online @ 5:00 PM, April 4th, 2020.  We will be providing updated information on how God is working in Kabale, how your contributions are making a difference, and new ways to get involved.  We will share video of our staff speaking from Uganda. Please plan to still be a part.

One of the easiest ways to give is through a monthly bank draft to Two Roads. If you are interested there is a form attached to this newsletter that you can fill out and mail to us or scan and email back to us.  Our mailing address is Two Roads Foundation, 611 Delaware, Perry OK 73077.

We are also still seeking funding for some special projects.  We have a donor who has pledged to match every dollar given toward these projects, up to $5000.  We hope to meet these project needs soon! You can see them on the website.

We have openings for the September trip if anyone has great faith and wants to sign up. Call me if you are interested and we can discuss it!

Thank you for partnering with us,


Greg & Donna