In this month’s newsletter you will hear from Jess, one of our US volunteer staff and then from Amos, our Uganda country director. Enjoy!    -Greg


Jess with Joshua

Hello everyone! We pray that you are all doing and feeling well. It is evident that these times we are living in are always changing and difficult. We want to encourage everyone to remember that God is and always will be in control and is working in every moment to glorify His name. We have clearly seen that played out as He continues to work through Two Roads in Kabale to reach people in the community.

In this newsletter, we want to stress to each person that has partnered with us in spreading the Gospel just how important they are to the ministry. All of our sponsors, donators, Ugandan staff, and each person praying for the ministry should know how much you mean to us! It is also important to us that each of you are able to stay involved and up to date on everything that is happening in the ministry. We filmed a Facebook live video that gives you all of the latest information involving what is happening in Two Roads. You can access that video on our Facebook page. We also have started an Instagram and YouTube page, where we hope to post relevant information and updates for everyone to enjoy. We are also in the process of starting a podcast, where we will be able to share what is happening at Two Roads. We also hope to include things like interviews with our staff and stories of the families that are involved with the ministry. We hope that each of these things will be helpful with involving all of you who have faithfully partnered with Two Roads.

We also have had the opportunity to hold weekly Zoom meetings with our Ugandan staff and our American volunteer staff. This pandemic, though so damaging in many ways, has showed us some new ways to stay connected better than we were before! In these meetings we are able to share time of worship and prayer, where we lay every concern and worry before God and we praise Him for the miracles He provides for our ministry each and every day. It has been so wonderful to be able to share this time with the staff!

We continue to seek God’s face every day in every decision we make and action we take, and He has been faithful to reveal His sovereignty and provide for our needs. Our staff in Uganda continues to reach out to and work with families in the community, showing them the love of Christ every chance they get. We are still waiting to see if we will be able to take teams to Uganda this summer. We are praying that God’s will be done in whatever happens. We ask that you will continue to pray with us for our staff in Uganda as they work hard to take care of our families. Also, please continue to pray for the children, that God will work in their hearts in this time even though our staff is unable to be with them. Again, we just want to say thank you to each of you for being a part of Two Roads. We thank God every day for all of you and your prayers and support.

In His Love,



Now an update from Amos!

Greetings from Kabale, Uganda!

It’s been more than 69 days since Uganda first announced the lockdown on March 18th.  Borders were closed, public transportation stopped, private cars stopped, schools closed, public gatherings banned, and all other activities that attract a gathering of more than 5 people.  Our parents were greatly affected since most activities were stopped from which they earned a daily living. We are thankful to God that 2Roads Foundation has reached 140 families with food supplies since the lockdown.


Tyra with Momma Sheila and momma Justine Visiting in Bugongi

Thankfully, on May 19th, the government announced plans to have a partial lifting of the lockdown where private cars would move with a maximum of 3 passengers including the driver all with facemasks and without AC, Public transportation would open with half capacity, more stores would open especially those with essential services, and schools would partially open with only candidate classes (seniors) and finalists in universities. All of the above will happen in two weeks’ time after government’s distribution of facemasks to all Ugandans from the age of 6 and above that’s more than 40 million masks! This is obviously impossible especially if the contract has been awarded to only 1 company.  We are waiting to see what happens. In addition to this, border districts in Uganda including Kabale, which borders Rwanda, would remain under lockdown for one more week. No public or private car will come or move out of Kabale.

The government has not laid out plans as to when the borders will be opened. We are still in speculation.

As staff, we have agreed to change our approach of work and invite kids at the junction in small groups of 5 at time and continue to disciple them. More home visits will be conducted and it has started this week. Our staff has been working and visiting our parents and the ladies that come to our fellowship with the fellowship leaders. We are committed to continue engaging those we serve.

Thank you for your steadfast prayers and support,


Yours In Christ our Lord,



On behalf of the Ugandan staff.