Dear Supporters,

Thank you for endurance through these difficult days.

Romans 5:3-5   3Not only that, but we also rejoice in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; 4 perseverance, character; and character, hope. 5And hope does not disappoint us, because God has poured out His love into our hearts through the Holy Spirit, whom He has given us


Christmas Project 2020

As you may remember, last year at Christmas we had a big celebration with all our sponsored children and parents at the Junction. We will not be able to do a big celebration this year due to COVID restrictions. However, we would like to give everyone some meat and other food for a special Christmas meal at their homes.  If we receive enough donations, we will plan to give a gift to each family, perhaps a nice blanket or a cooking pot or some other gift that our staff recommends. If you would like to help with this special project you can do that by sending a check or by sending a one-time gift through PayPal or whatever works for you! Our address is Two Roads Foundation, 611 Delaware, Perry,OK 73077.


(An article from Tyra)

We started having devotions in smaller number around the month of June, first because of the directives of the government but also because we believed we could utilize this time to reach out to our students on an individual level and even in the small groups. Over time, we have actually come to believe that this has profoundly helped and impacted our students in many ways some of which I can’t wait to share!!!

Tyra & Donna

From the devotions about peacemakers, we shared with our students about how God calls us to peace and how it is our responsibility to be peacemakers, Colossians 3:12-17.  One of our boys named Caleb shared with us about the unfriendly neighbor who had been letting his cows come to their garden and destroy all their food. When asked how they handled the situation he said that they had warned him but didn’t pay any attention and when they reached out to the local authority, the leader didn’t do anything about it since the person in question was a relative. That done they had planned to poison or cut all his cows. He went on to say the fact that he came for such a devotion is probably because God wanted him to change their plans but he admitted how hard it was going to be for him to even forgive or want to make peace with him. He then promised to tell his family about it. That was so good to know and we praise the Lord.

The other example was with the primary kids – including the ones that stay at junction. What was most impressive was how they are now starting to understand what salvation is and what God would love from us; which is a relationship with him. As stated by Emma, he told the fellow pupils that God loves us regardless of what we have done because He is love. How amazing is it that they now understand the concept of who Jesus is!

The other really encouraging one was with the university students when they confessed to how they had never been introduced to serving and what it actually meant to live to the service of others, Boaz, Bonita and the others admitted that they were doing the courses they are because they wanted to get good jobs after school that would earn them some good amounts of money. They added on to say that they now see the world differently from before because now it’s not about just them as individuals but the thought of serving wherever God plants them. This was surely rewarding to listen to.

More to devotions is a testimony from Sharon who is one of the ladies’ fellowship goers. Sharon takes care of her 3 kids as a single mother. The father of her children is an alcoholic who abandoned them. When the lockdown was affected, Sharon lost her job and could not figure out how she would feed her children. She prayed for God’s intervention and believed for a miracle. Sarah says that “when the government asked people to buy food and households to keep in their houses, I didn’t have what to pack but asked God to pack for me. After 2 days, I received a call from the Two Roads Office asking us to pick our package. At that moment I knew that he had indeed packed for me”

Testimonies like these reflect your faithfulness. Thank you for allowing God to use you in many ways.


Social Work and Missions Director


OCTOBER REPORT (from Amos abbreviated for this newsletter by Greg)

Praise God,


For the past two months, we have been praying as staff among other things for a fertile ground at the junction. Praying that the Lord would grow a crop a hundred, sixty or thirty times what was sown. Well, this prayer has been answered. It is seen in the testimonies and confessions of our kids. Kids like Emma who now understands that he is not saved by his works but through the grace of God.

This past month, we have been going through the book of proverbs. We have covered the first 10 chapters!

  1. LAND

We finally had the lawyer come to Kabale to file a civil suit against Junior and apply for an injunction. I swore an affidavit before the commissioner of oaths to indeed attest to aggression by Richard who intends to sell the land we believe on Junior’s behalf. An injunction will be secured by the end of next week and this will prevent any activity on the land until the matter has been determined by the court.

The Lawyer went ahead to serve Junior, but he refused the sign the documents. The lawyer will go ahead and swear an affidavit of what happened, this will not stop the case from going on. I believe we are in the right lane to reclaim this land.


Having started a ladies’ fellowship, God laid a huge burden on our heart to reach out to men and in this case our fathers. Most of these fathers are not involved in their children’s lives and have led dysfunctional families. They do not get the concept of fatherhood and the saddest fact is that this has been generational. They grew up with absent fathers which explains their approach to parenthood. This month we singularly called them to the junction to have this conversation with them and asked them what they thought? Their response was very amazing as most them suggested a weekly fellowship to continue sharing with one another. Thankfully, we had 13 men show up last week. We ask for your continued prayers about this. We strongly believe that if the greatness of these men is awakened, they can have a profound impact on their families there by transforming their communities. We will continue meeting these men every Thursday at 11 am.


As our tradition has been to engage parents, we finally held a long-awaited child sponsorship policy meeting. Together, we went through the policy and agreed up on it. This policy is geared towards achieving our goal of coming along side our parents and not taking their rightful place. It has been translated into Rukiga, the local language spoken in Kabale. Because of the covid19 restrictions, we held it in two intervals to avoid exceeding the 70 people.


  • Continue Small Group Discipleship.
  • Continue with a men’s fellowship
  • Work with the lawyer to get back our Land.

Thank you for your continued Support and prayers




Just a final note or two:

In order to better keep you, our sponsors, connected to us and to the sponsored children we are going to divide up all our sponsors and assign a U.S. volunteer to stay in touch with you. This is because we continue to grow, and that is really good news. We hope to better serve you so you can be as connected as you want to your sponsored child. They will help you if you want to write an e-mail letter to your child, get you a recent photo as they are available and remind you if you are and annual giver and can’t remember when your sponsorship payment is due ?.

Finally, we continued to be grateful to God for our amazing staff who continue to minister to the children and families in Kabale!! Please continue to pray for them as they serve the Lord on the front lines!

We thank God for all of you who support the work in Uganda!!


Greg & Donna