Dear Supporters,

We are so thankful for our staff in Uganda, who are investing themselves every day in the lives of our sponsored children and their families. We want to begin this edition of the newsletter with a word from Amos, our Uganda country Director:


Among many things we admire about America is this crucial Thanksgiving Holiday where families and friends pause amidst the “busyness” of this world to not only connect with family and friends but also reflect on the things they are most grateful to God and others. As 2Roads community in Uganda, we would love in the same spirit to pause and reflect on God’s faithfulness and to you, all our supporters, for making this work possible.

We are thankful for more than 125 sponsored kids who have a shot at a better future than all their ancestors. Most of these kids are the first in their entire family lineage to have had this opportunity for education. You have not only impacted these lives but also future generations of Ugandans.


We are thankful for the discipleship and character development taking root at the Junction. Again, some of our kids are the first in their entire family to have heard the true gospel of Jesus Christ! They are the first generation of Christians in their family. The ground is virgin, soils fertile and together we are opening new frontiers and shifting paradigms.

We are greatly thankful for the ladies’ and Men’s fellowship of our kids. This has enabled us to not only shape a new generation but also reach out to the generation before. We believe this is God’s move to rebuild broken families and reconcile broken relationships while strengthening the foundations of Godly families. Most of the fathers are alive but very absent in the children’s lives. The unfortunate fact with this is that; it has not started with them. This is like a generational curse passed on to them. Two Roads Foundation has been convicted to step into this gap. Keep praying with us that this ungodly culture stops.

All that we are grateful for can be found in singular stories of members in our 2 Roads community. They may be singular but surely the destiny is shared, God is at work!

Even as Thanksgiving Day is one day’s celebration on the calendar, it reminds and should challenge us to pause and reflect and be thankful because there is plenty God is doing even in the chaos we are experiencing. We are learning to be thankful for nights that turn into morning, friends that have turned into family and dreams of our kids slowly turning into reality.

Thank you all,

Amos Kasigwa.


Christmas Project 2020

We are preparing to send the funds to Uganda for our Christmas project.  We are planning to give food to 95 families.  This food will include Irish potatoes, salt, rice, meat, g-nuts, onions, and cooking oil.  In addition we have decided to give a solar light to each family.  This is something that all our families can use. None of our families have electricity to their homes! This will be a real help. The total cost will be about 9,000,000 Ugandan shillings (about $2,466 or $26/family).  If you would like to help with this special project you can do that by sending a check or by sending a one-time gift through PayPal or Venmo or whatever works for you! Our address is Two Roads Foundation, 611 Delaware, Perry, OK 73077.

Project Update

We have purchased the tent that was needed as part of our fellowship project!  We have been using it the last few weeks!! Praise the LORD! We have raised two-thirds of the money needed for that complete project. When we raise the remainder of the funds needed, we will buy a sound system.


Just a final note or two:

  • We are currently interviewing a young man to become a mentor for our boys. Pray that God’s will is accomplished in this matter.
  • The courts have delayed twice making a ruling on our land case since our last update to you. Pray that soon this will be resolved.


Greg & Donna


P.S. Please pray for each of our sponsored kids to learn to love Jesus with all their heart, soul, mind and strength. To have a deep desire to know Him more. To love and understand the Word. Pray for the staff to have wisdom and discernment as they disciple the kids. Please pray for spiritual protection at the Junction. Pray against the enemy trying to destroy what God is doing in Kabale. Pray for the land to be returned to Two Roads, and for a strong spiritual warrior for a mentor for these boys. Please pray for us to hear God clearly and follow Him obediently. Please pray for more sponsors. We have so many children needing help. Thank you, prayer warriors. We are so thankful for you!