Jan 7, 2021

Writing this newsletter comes at a time of great turmoil and uncertainty in our country. Yesterday we all watched the chaotic events unfold at the Capital in Washington D.C..  There is so much despair in our world; both here and in Uganda. Uganda is in the middle of a national presidential election also. Of course, overriding everything we do is COVID-19.  What disruption it caused last year! Everyone I know was ready to move on from the year 2020…yet 2021 is already shaping up to be a challenging year in many ways! So, what are we to do?  In these difficult, confusing, and trying times it is good to know that we have an anchor – Jesus Christ.  This can’t just be a “phrase” we use. It must really be true at the core of our being. Jesus is the One we look to when hope seems fleeting. The other thing we can do is draw together as the body of Christ. We do feel like we are part of the body together with you who have joined us to be Christ’s hands and feet (and wallets!) in Kabale, Uganda.

Tyra & Rosette giving food package to Grandma Trevor

On a personal note, Donna and I just survived a three-week battle with COVID-19. We feel blessed to have been spared from an even worse outcome! We are almost completely recovered and it has given us some much greater sympathy and desire to pray more for many who are battling this terrible plague. In this life situation it seems trite to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year…but because of Christ and His coming we can find joy and peace in the midst of the storm. God is still good!

The lockdown of Uganda has had a huge impact on our children and their families in Kabale. We have a few students who have been able to attend the university and our candidate class students went back to school in mid-Oct.  The rest of our children have been unable to attend any kind of school.  There are no zoom classes, no schooling from home, no resources to help them. Uganda will be having Presidential elections January 14.  It doesn’t look like anything will be happening until that is all settled.

Moma Benias gets Christmas Package pictured with Julie, Brenda and Kevin

In an effort to begin changing the situation for our children, we are purchasing books to give our children some educational opportunities. This month we will also see if we can begin tutoring classes as well. Your sponsorship funds will meet all of these needs.

Thank you to all of you who gave to the Christmas fund so the children and their families could receive food for the holidays. Each family received food to take home on December 19th . They got to get some meat from the market and each family also received a solar light. We are so thankful to our staff, who you see in these pictures along with some of the children, giving out the Christmas food packages. We reached out to 95 families through your generous giving.

Many of you already sponsor children and for that we are very grateful.  If you don’t sponsor or maybe know someone who would be interested in sponsoring please check out the website for all the children currently needing sponsorship. Sponsor a Child | Only 2 Roads


Here is one girl who needs our help:

Belinda is twelve years old. She lost her father during the recent pandemic. During her father’s illness her family had to sell almost everything they owned to pay for his medication. In addition, during this time their house collapsed and they didn’t have anywhere to stay until their uncle offered them a small space where they now reside. It’s been hard for her mother to get back on her feet as she has failed to get a reliable source of income to take care of her family.

Sponsoring Belinda is going to lighten the burden her mother has. Belinda is in primary seven but she may not be able to take her exams because of unpaid school fees. (Note: we paid her fees so she could sit for the national exams)


We are hoping to return to Uganda this Summer.  Jess is continuing to make plans for his move to Uganda in or around June.  He is applying for a three-year work Visa! You can give to support Jess on a monthly basis through the website.

Thank you for your support,

Greg & Donna