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In this newsletter we will hear from our newly married director Amos! He will share some insights into marriage in Uganda.  He will also share about our tutoring program.  Finally, we will share what is going on concerning schools opening back up in Uganda.

From Amos:

Tyra and I got married on 02/13/2021! We thank each one of you for prayers and support.
The road to marriage in Africa and Uganda in particular is a little longer than I presume in the US and other western countries.  Ours started when my family visited Tyra’s family to ask for a hand in marriage. It is on this visit that the families get to also know each other and make sure that they are not of the same clan to avoid incest. This might sound unusual already to you!!!!!! This is done because in our culture, the bride is handed to the groom’s family (parents). This is done to create an environment of accountability for the young couple. It is also on this visit that dowry is determined since dowry is still central in the marriage institution here in Uganda. The second step was taking dowry to her family and setting dates for a traditional wedding. Our traditional wedding was set on 12th Feb.
The traditional wedding was held at the Bride’s home with so many extended family members from both sides of the couple. It is on this same occasion that Bride’s family gave gifts to our family as well. It was a huge celebration and we wished you were all here to have this experience of the African wedding!
The following day on the 13Th Feb is when we exchanged vows in church at 12 pm and what seemed like a dream so far became reality. I feel very fortunate to have married a special soul like Tyra. God bless you all for your prayers.
Tutoring Program (update from Amos)
Besides Discipleship at the Junction, we hired teachers who have been tutoring kids. This has been a great deal for kids. They have been detached from school for so long and had forgotten almost everything! The tutoring has reconnected them to school and sharpened their knowledge and indeed engaged them more. We have kids from P.1 to S.5 ( first grade up to high school Juniors) who have been coming for these tutoring classes. The p.6, S.3 and S.5 will report on 01st march officially. The government is partially opening schools by considering a few classes at a time. Because of these continued engagements with our kids, by God’s grace we have had no cases of teenage pregnancies in our program and for that we praise GOD. Our kids are sharpened and much more equipped than most of their peers. All of this has been possible because of your faithfulness and generosity.
Yours In Christ Jesus,


Featured Child:

 Tayebwa Blair is eighteen years old and he is in senior two. He was initially sponsored by an organization in Kabale called Hope ministries but it is no longer operating. He is the first born of four. His father works as the gateman at a private school called Wise Parents School but has not been paid since before the pandemic hit and the mother sells fruits around town. Around the month of April they were thrown out of the house they were staying in because of their inability to pay. They are currently staying in the school where the father works at but in a wooden structure. Given the amounts of rain in Kabale, its devastating to know that one would sleep under such circumstances. Their father currently transports people by bicycle as a source of income, yet it’s too small to even provide food for the whole family.

Offering sponsorship to Blair is going to be a big ray of hope for the family.


If you don’t sponsor or maybe know someone who would be interested in sponsoring please check out the website for all the children currently needing sponsorship. Sponsor a Child | Only 2 Roads



College Scholarship Program

Beginning this year all students completing their high school education who wish to go on to either vocational training school or to a University will have to apply for a scholarship. Scholarships will be awarded to students based on their applications and on the scholarship funds available.  We have started the scholarship fund and you can view and/or contribute to on our website.  This will not be a one-to-one sponsorship as our elementary and secondary students have. Instead, it will be a scholarship fund and will be used to sponsor as many students as possible.  It is feasible that some might receive partial scholarships also. We need additional funds as we project to have 5 students in the university next year, 10 students in 2022 and as many as 25 students in advanced education within 5 years.

Over the last 4 weeks we have had 4 students apply for scholarships.  Our staff is now reviewing and having interviews with these 4 students.

Thank you for your support,

Greg & Donna