Janet is a primary six pupil. She is eleven years old. She was abandoned with two older siblings by the father while still a baby, then later the mother. She was left with the grandmother, who at that time was taking care of five other children. Her grandmother is a cleaner, but also HIV positive; and yet she is the sole guardian for all these children whose number has now gone to eight. Given her age, she doesn’t get as many job opportunities as before, hence a drastic decrease in the amount of income.  Janet’s mother later came back but now she is into another marriage with a younger baby and still struggles alot.

All these kids entirely depend on the old lady and when asked why she has not tired from helping children, she said that ” possessions I do not have but a big heart God has given me.” Sponsoring Janet will be a huge relief  to the family.

Attached below is the picture of Janet and her grandmother.