Kevin is a senior two student and he is sixteen years old. He comes from a family of five. He is the second to the last born. He loves school alot and he says his dream is to be an architect, because he is fascinated by how  people come up with the different designs of the different buildings. But even with this big dream, Kevin has never been in school for the whole term as he is always sent back home because they can’t pay his school fees.

His father was a carpenter who broke his back and has not been able to work again for more than ten years now. Kevin’s mother entirely supports the family financially. Her source of income is from doing laundry for people. This earns her an income too small to look after the whole family. This has caused  them to sometimes have one meal a day or very little on some days. Before the end of last year, they were evacuated from the house they had been renting with no prior notice, which had them wandering until they found a house they could rent.

Choosing to sponsor Kevin will be a very big relief for the family and also a big ray of light for the boy. One last thing about Kevin is that he loves the Lord very much.