To all,

Many of our students have returned to school or will return soon.  I want to contrast 2 young ladies who both live in Kabale Uganda, Angel and Janet.  A year ago, they were in the same situation.  They both live in “families” with 8 children.  They attended school sporadically when there was enough money scraped together to send them.  Now one, Angel, has a sponsor but Janet still does not.

 This is Angel.  Angel is the sixth of eight children and she is 16 years old. Her mother works in the field as the source of income and her father occasionally helps out at a mechanic shop when there is work. This creates hardship for a family with 8 children.  Angel wants to be a doctor.  This last year Angel got a sponsor!  Now she doesn’t have to worry about being sent home for lack of school fees as has happened many times in the past.  This picture was taken recently as she was preparing to go to school this term.  Two Roads provided everything she needed to attend a better school and to be a boarding student. Angel has a hope for a different future than she would have had if the Lord had not provided her this opportunity to be connected to Two Roads.  We can’t wait to see what God does with this young lady’s life.   

This is Janet. Janet is in primary 6 and is eleven years old. She was abandoned with two older siblings by the father while still a baby, then later the mother. She was left with her grandmother, who at that time was taking care of five other children. Her grandmother cleans houses, but is also HIV positive.  In spite of this she is the sole guardian for all these children whose number has now grown to eight. Given her age, she doesn’t get as many job opportunities so her income has decreased recently.   Janet’s mother later came back but now has remarried and has a younger baby and still struggles a lot.

When this grandmother was asked how she can keep helping so many children she replied “possessions I do not have but a big heart God has given me.” Janet’s future is unsure.  Many young ladies in Janet’s situation drop out of school before they finish primary school!  We have seen a huge increase in teenage pregnacy in Kabale as so many teenagers are without strong homes and have no real purpose and meaning in live.  Two Roads wants to give hope through the transforming work of Christ in a life.  Sponsorship gives us access to young people’s lives in Kabale. Where will Janet be in 10 years?

Two Roads Foundation changing lives in Kabale Uganda through the transforming work of Jesus Christ – one child at a time.

Thank you for your support, 

Greg & Donna

P.S.  (from Amos) We are grateful that schools continue to partially open with p.6, s.3 and s.5 students now back to school. This has come with rather higher school expenses because of the new conditions set out by the ministry of education and health. Most of the schools have been asked to board students to avoid the spread of the virus which comes with a lot of other requirements that range from new bedding at school to higher school fees for boarding students. We are grateful that all our kids in these classes are back to school.

Thank you for prayers, our s.4 students are almost finishing their National exams. We are really hoping for the best. The s.6 and p.7 as I write to you are yet to start. Continue to pray for them as they prepare to write their national exams as well. For the rest of the classes which have not yet reported, they continue their tutorials here at the junction, including the primary ones! We are grateful that God is using you to invest in the physical and spiritual needs of these great souls.

Recently Amos was on the radio speaking to the huge problem of teenage pregnancy in Kabale. He was also able to share some of what God is doing through Two Roads Foundation!  PTL!