Glen is the third born of six children, she is eight years old and in primary two. She loves maths alot and she says she wants to be a pilot, also red is her favorite color. Her biggest wish is for her to finish school and be in position to build her mother and the siblings a house and this stems out of her fear that they will still throw them out of a house for not being able to pay rent again! I say again because just two months ago, they were thrown out of a house whose rent they had not been able to pay for the whole year. Before Uganda had total lockdown, Glens father used to work at the border of uganda and Rwanda but when the pandemic hit, they locked the borders again and given that he is a rwandan that moved to uganda with his family five years ago in search of better opportunities and education for their children. He was not allowed to come back still. He was away from his family for the whole year with no income to support them at all, leaving his family at the mercy of good people in the community who kept giving them something to eat as they are one of the families we reached out to with our food programme during lockdown.

Unfortunately, when lockdown was eased this year he came to rejoin his family, but he was arrested by the Rwandan police and they since have not had anything about his well being. Glen’s mother now has to fully take care of the children which has been honestly hard for her.

Choosing to sponsor Glen will be a big ray of light for the whole family.