To all,

Soon school here in America will be out for the summer!  For most of our kids in Uganda they will continue as some of them just returned to school.  Some may get only a 2-week break and then start right back.  As I mentioned last month, most of our sponsored children are back in school. Our sponsored children are actually very excited to be back at school.

We realize that most of you who read our newsletter already sponsor children.  For that we are very grateful!! We have about 130 children now being helped by you through Two Roads in Kabale, Uganda.  But right now, we have 11 children on our website ( who really need a sponsor.  I was wondering if you would be willing to mention this to a friend or family member who might be willing to sponsor? Please don’t think someone else will ask someone – take the lead and share the passion you have to help the children of Kabale!  These aren’t nameless faces; these are real children that we know and love who just happened to be born into poverty instead of wealth like so many of us.  Here are the ones who need a sponsor right now: 


Joab was first sponsored wen he was seven years old. He is 11 years old now. He is the last born of 4 children. He lost his Father last year to alcohol poisoning.  He lost his original sponsor over a year ago, but we have continued to keep him in school.  Help make a...


Helen is  the first borne of three, she stays with her mother who roasts maize by the road side an occupation that can’t help her raise tuition for her children or pay her rent. Her husband stays away from home which means all responsibility is on her. Hellen is a...


Powell is the last borne of four and he is eighteen years old. His father is a retired teacher and the mother is a local Seamstress who earns very little from her job and she is the only one earning in the family. So that means she has to pay for every bill which...


Fortunate is a sixteen year old disabled child who moves close to 10 km to go to school. She stays with both the mother and the father who are both farmers, her father got into an accident as he was taking his produces for sell and broke his leg. He has not been able...

Ineza Glen

Glen is the third born of six children, she is eight years old and in primary two. She loves maths alot and she says she wants to be a pilot, also red is her favorite color. Her biggest wish is for her to finish school and be in position to build her mother and the...


Timothy is a jolly young boy aged 14 years old and he is in senior one. He likes blue and his favorite subject is science as he would love to be a doctor.  Timothy's mother used to work as a primary teacher and the dad at a Gym in Kabale, when the pandemic hit schools...


Cleophas is a nine year old boy, he is the first born of two and he is in primary two. When asked what he wants to be, he had no idea and because the son of their landlord is a mechanic he said that's what he wants to be when he grows up. His favorite color is pink....


Collins is the first born in a family of four children. His father is blind, so his mother works to provide for the entire family. His mother makes very little with her work in transportation sales, so she is unable to provide the tuition that Collins needs to go to...


Mercy is fifteen years old and in senior one. She loves red and she would love to be a nurse. Mercy stays with her mother and little sister, they last saw their dad seven years ago as he does not call, visit or ever provide for them. Mercy sells fruits during the...


Gift is a thirteen-year-old girl who brought a letter to our program to request sponsorship. After checking on Gift and the family, it was determined that she truly had many needs and would be a great candidate for our program. Her mother and father are separated, and...

Please ask a friend to help sponsor one of these!

Upcoming Mission:

We have a team of 11 who will be heading to Uganda on June 16.  Please pray for this mission (see the prayer list at the bottom of this newsletter.)  We are excited to be able to return!  We are working with our Ugandan staff to make plans which will further the work that they are doing each and every day. We will be doing some sports camp, football (soccer) camps, sewing instruction, small group discipleship, singing (& dancing!), staff training and fellowship, and lots more!



Here is information from concerning parent’s meetings being held at the Junction…


Having had consistent engagements with the kids, we believe that some progress has been made. But these kids go back to their families which are sometimes not functional due to neglect from some parents. After making this observation, we realized the need to come along side these parents as well. Some of these parents became fathers and mothers at a very tender age with no proper up bringing either! It has become a circle that has crippled the growth of this community. It is against this background that we have agreed to hold these meetings twice a month so that some parenting knowledge could be passed unto them. We even hope to host parenting counselors to share with them so that they can truly realize the true essence of parenting. This very idea constituted our meeting.

Thank you for your continued Support and prayers.




Two Roads Foundation changing lives in Kabale Uganda through the transforming work of Jesus Christ – one child at a time.

Thank you for your support,

 Greg & Donna



Ephesians 6:18; 2 Cor. 10:4-5

  • That God would give us the right words and that we would fearlessly make Christ known. Eph. 6:19-20; Col. 4:2-4 That by God’s grace the gospel would be clear through us.
  • For many divine witnessing opportunities and open doors for ministry that only God can make possible. That many would be saved. Co. 4:3-4
  • For a church to be planted, filled with people who know the Word, led by Pastors who teach the Word.
  • The transformation of Kabale, Uganda through the spread of the Gospel.
  • For the Holy Spirit to be poured out on our work.
  • For strong leaders and disciples among the kids and the parents. Use us to make disciples. Mt. 28:18-20
  • For a school that has teachers that truly teach and love the children.
  • For favor with unbelievers and that the gospel will be clear to them. Open their eyes and ears and hearts. Mt. 13:18-23 the seed find good soil.
  • That His Word will not return void and that it will accomplish what it was sent out to do. Isaiah 55:11
  • For the Holy Spirit to lead us. Show us the way to walk in it. Keep us from going or doing anything that is not His will. Isaiah 30:21 For wisdom and discernment to minister in the right way, without hurting.
  • That many will be saved. Tear down their strongholds of lies and replace them with truth from His Word.
  • For strength, perseverance 2 Cor. 4:8-9; Isaiah 40:31, protection and safety against illness, injury and danger Psalm 121:8, Joy in every trial Psalm 126:5-6.
  • Victory in spiritual warfare. For spiritual eyes to see the battle and fight it in prayer. For the darkness to be lifted and that His light will shine through us. Eph. 6:12
  • For open hearts – Jer. 24:7. For unbelievers drawn to eternal life; for supernatural power to accompany us Acts 14:3. To speak the word with boldness, filled with the Spirit.
  • For Christlike humility to characterize us Acts 14:14-18; for kindness in the midst of trouble – Acts 14:1-2. That by God’s grace we can respond with grace.
  • For peace, love, and unity among the team, and the believers in Kabale. John 17:21, 23

Specific Requests

  • More sponsors
  • Finances
  • To receive our NGO status from the Uganda government in time for Jess to get a work visa before we go.
  • Land cleared and in our name.
  • A Junction Director
  • Our staff in Uganda
  • Sponsored kids – ulcers
  • Limited job opportunities in Kabale
  • Men’s and Women’s Bible Studies



Everyone: Leaving – June 16, 2021 arrive June 17, 2021

Team One: Returning Home – July 1, 2021 home July 2, 2021

Team Two: Greg, Donna, Sarina, Beth – leave Uganda August 2, 2021 home August 3, 2021

Jess will be staying in Kabale, Uganda to be a Volunteer for at least a year.  Please pray for him faithfully.

Team members:      Jess Ritchie

Beth Ritchie

Sarina Brothers

Caden Hale

Ryan Lofton

Madison Caputo

Janelle Keith

Angie Sanders

Joe Sanders

Greg Stone

Donna Stone