To All, 

We returned home in August, but our staff labors on there in Uganda.  Please continue to lift them up as they do the daily work of keeping up with 130 children and their families.  We have lots of plans that we developed while we met with our staff there in July and August.  There are some exciting things just on the horizon!  Let me share just three of them.  

1. Our Two Roads Board met in August and approved a unanimous resolution to move toward buying a property in Kabale to serve as a permanent Junction! This photo shows the main building which can be used as the Junction “house” and can also be the location for our Two Roads offices.  There are additional buildings on this site (one below shows a building that can house the school). We are looking to raise around $45,000 additional funds to make this purchase and to complete some renovations (this is in addition to funds that we already have.) 

2. The board also approved starting a school with the goal date of January 2023. There is classroom space available on this new property. This pictures shows the school buildings already in place.  There is approximately 3 acres of land, but about half of it slopes down into a wetlands area.  This lower portion could be used for gradening (or maybe even a pitch [soccer field])!

3. A Kabale “Habitat for Humanities” program. We hope to start with our first house in January 2022.  We will be using bricks we make with our brickmaking machine.  We hope from starting with this single home to develop a longer-term plan which involves other Two Roads families to sign-up and begin investing “sweat equity” into the program.

I will be sharing more in future newsletters about other projects we will be starting soon. 

Uganda is finally getting teachers vaccinated! When they do, they have a plan for reopening schools! We hope this will happen soon!

Until school reopens our staff is continuing to meet in small groups.  While we were in Uganda this summer, we took a group of students up to a place called prayer mountain.  We are excited that this has led to our staff taking other groups up the mountain for prayer and Bible study!! Just this last week 2 more groups were able to make the hike up the mountain!  This is up above our land and is a great place to go meet with God!


  • Jess will be heading back over in about 2 weeks. He came back to see his Aunt Tanya who recently passed away and to be a part of his family’s memorial service for her. Pray for Jess as he goes through all the steps again to get COVID tests and Visas, but then especially as he steps into the role of mentor for our boys at the Junction (in addition to lots of other jobs he will have!).
  • Please pray for God’s provision and wisdom as we move forward with both the property purchase and all the requirements that will need to happen to start a Two Roads School.
  • Ishimwe Kevin is doing much better but please continue to pray for his healing. They are still evaluating whether he will need further treatment for his kidneys.
  • Continue to pray for new sponsors!

Finally, give praise to God for He and He alone is sovereign over all we do!


Greg & Donna & All our staff!