To All,

All our ministry starts with identifying needy children and finding sponsors for them who will help meet their needs!  We are excited to have had 7 children sponsored over the last few weeks!! We have 3 new children sponsored and 4 children picked up for sponsorship who had lost their sponsor.  Most of these sponsorships resulted from Charlene Semkins reaching out to an adult fellowship group at her church in Texas. She “recruited” 4 new sponsors!!  Thank you Charlene!  Maybe you know someone you could share with about sponsoring?  I just read from Matthew 25 this morning where Jesus says this about the coming judgment (to His sheep):  “ In as much as you have done it unto the least of these my brothers, you have done it unto Me.”

This is Ainembabazi Isabella.  She needs a sponsor.  You can read more about her on our website  You can find other children there who need sponsorship also.

Jess returned to Kabable, Uganda recently.  Please contiune to pray for his strength and endurance to do the work God has called him to do.  Here is what Jess had to say after returning:

Hello, everybody!

I’m so excited to be writing to you from Kabale! After a two-day journey turned into a week-long adventure, the relief of being at the Junction is real. Busy travel turned quickly into busy life, as I moved in with the eight boys that are staying at the Junction. It is an incredible opportunity to be able to share life with these guys. As you can imagine, staying with eight boys can be a little tiring, but it is also quite rewarding with the love they share and the fun they bring into everyday life. We have spent lots of time playing soccer and cards, I’ve introduced them to Tom and Jerry (which was a hit, even though the older boys would tell you they “…don’t like cartoons”) and we have had time to talk about life and what it looks like to follow Christ with our full being. It has been a blessing to be here for these last couple of weeks and encourage their growth in Christ as they encourage mine.

I also have loved rejoining the staff here. When I say that they are wonderful people, I mean that they are genuinely good, caring, selfless, wonderful people. Being around them is a joy and I can’t wait to take on these coming weeks and months with them.

We have been inviting a few of the students at a time to join us here at the Junction on Tuesday through Friday. We have a time of Bible Study, where we are looking at what it truly means to be saved and how to follow that up with growth. It has been nice to continue to get to see all of the kids. I’m glad we are able to spend time with each of them, especially in smaller groups where we can cultivate deep relationships.

The staff and I would really appreciate your prayers for energy as we wait a few more months for school to start back up. We will be working hard to encourage them to continue learning and growing in the meantime.

I would also ask you to pray for the boys and I as we continue to share living space and work together to become more like Christ. Eight boys are a busy commitment, so I covet your constant prayers.

Finally, I ask that you pray for the hearts of our kids and their families. We are taking every opportunity to share the truth of salvation through Christ, and our prayer is that we will see many respond with a life-changing commitment to follow Him.   -Jess


On September 20 Amos had his appendix removed!  He traveled to Kabale for the surgery.  Here is his update:

Greeting from Kabale, Uganda!

Uganda was hit by the second wave of COVID19 around June of this year. That led to the second closure of schools and all public gatherings. Our Work here was obviously hindered since most of it rotates around human interactions and gatherings. As we have done in the past throughout this pandemic, we continued with small group discipleship classes. During September, our focus has been on SALVATION and what that means for our lives. We have also spoken on how we can keep an ongoing relationship with the Lord. Please keep us in your prayers as we continue these timeless conversations with the kids so that all of our children can give their lives to CHRIST.

There has been an ongoing massive immunization campaign against covid 19 here, especially for the teachers and the elderly. The schools are still closed till January 2022. Government wants to first vaccinate all the teachers in the country. However, as 2Roads, we have hired teachers of all levels to coach our students even as schools are closed. This is to keep our kids interested in school but also enhancing their knowledge. The closure of schools for so long has created a lot of redundancy among teenagers, which has bred a lot teenage pregnancies, abuse of drugs and most kids giving up on academics. This has and will have a lasting impact on a whole generation in Uganda. We are immensely grateful to you for your support that has kept our kid’s engagement programs going at the Junction even amidst these challenging times. Much as this may seem like a drop in the ocean according to the needs here, at least we know that the 2 Roads sponsored kids will not be part of the statistics. Keep praying for kids who need such opportunities.

On a lighter note, places of worship were opened 2 weeks ago and that means that we get to fellowship again with our Ladies. This is very exciting for us as we continue to share the good news of Christ.

Thank you for your steadfast prayers and support,


Yours In Christ our Lord,


And the entire Ugandan staff.


Finally, please keep these things on your prayer list:

  • Amos’s continued healing
  • Jess’s strength and endurance in his new role as mentor to 8 boys
  • Please pray for God’s provision and wisdom as we move forward with both the property purchase and all the requirements that will need to happen to start a Two Roads School.
  • Ishimwe Kevin is doing much better but please continue to pray for his healing. They are still evaluating whether he will need further treatment for his kidneys.
  • Continue to pray for new sponsors!


God is Good!


Greg & Donna & All our staff!