To all,

Most newsletters focus on the good stuff that is happening! But we all know that doing ministry is messy.  Invading Satan’s strongholds is not smooth sailing. Especially for the last few months, our staff and children in Kabale have been facing battles from the enemy.  Ephesians 5 tells us we aren’t battling flesh and blood, but powers and dominions and evil forces in the heavenly realm!! Please lift up the ministry, our staff and children. Battle in prayer for our precious ones in Uganda.

Amos has recovered well from his appendectomy!  The rest of this newsletter will be excerpts from Amos’s October report.  I have a few things to share at the end of the letter!


After looking at the truth of Salvation in the last few months, we then turned focus on discipleship progress in things like the importance of God’s Word, spending individual time with God in His Word and in Prayer, and coming to the study of God’s truth with a receptive heart, based on the parable of the sower. This has been the focus of our devotional times with the upper primary and secondary groups. The lower primary classes have been approached with a story from the Scripture with a focus on a fundamental truth from the story.

We have met according to their tutoring days here at the Junction.


We restarted the tutoring for our students at the first of October. This should help our students stay prepared for the coming term, which we are hopeful will start in January. We have hired teachers to instruct the most critical subjects for our P.1-P.6 (Primary 1 – Primary 6) classes and S.1-S.3 (Secondary 1- Secondary 3) classes… Lunch is provided for the students each day. We have emphasized time-keeping with our tutoring days, and we are happy to see the majority of the children arrive on time.


Jim has been leading the boys here at the Junction, with the help of some boys from Senior 2 and Senior 3, in making more bricks.  They have worked through two truckloads of sand, bringing our total number of bricks above 1300. They have worked hard and have done a good job creating and caring for the bricks.



(Due to a bible project funded by FBC Hydro Bible school this summer, we were able to buy Bibles!)  Amos writes; We have received the hard cover ESV Bibles and have distributed them to all of the sponsored children that have been coming for devotions. This means that all of our students, excluding very few who haven’t been able to attend the devotions, have their own Bibles. This has coincided well with the devotions based on the importance of God’s Word and how we should spend time in it each day.

Old photo of Joseph and Mordecai when they got their shoes originally


We have been redistributing the Because shoes from those that were leftover. We have been able to give shoes to almost all of the students, and we will be able to give some to those who received a pair the first time because of the amount we still have left.


We have had very good conversation with the girls’ group- most especially the S.2 girls given the fact that they are the biggest group we have here. Conversations ranging from sexual purity to the kind of friends we ought to have, but also the influence friends have on our lives and decisions.

We let the kids give their opinions on the different topics and then expand on it but also stress Gods view of every topic we address.


This month we conducted three interviews with candidates for the higher education scholarship. Boonabana Rebecca, Nowamaani Humble, and Atuheire Grace. We are still having conversations with Humble about the best fit for him.  Rebecca will be studying fashion and design in Kampala!  Grace will be studying catering at an institution in Kabale.

Thank you for your continued Support and prayers



P.S.   We are looking at putting a team together late January or early February to make a trip to Uganda.  Let us know if you are interested.  We will be doing some house construction with our bricks. We will also be doing other activities with the children on weekends.

P.S.S.  If you would like to help with the cost of a Christmas Party for all our children and their Parents, please just make a one-time donation with a note about what it is for.  We will need around $1500 for food and other items.

P.S.S.S We will be adding some new projects soon.  The first one that will be going on line this week is for some new mattresses, sheets and mosquito nets for beds at the Junction. The total cost of this project is $885. Individual mattresses are $34 each and sheets are $8 each.

Thank you so much for your continued support! We cannot do this work without the Body of Christ! We are praying for you.



Greg & Donna