Greetings All,

We pray that you have a very blessed Christmas season!

We are still looking at putting a team together for the first 2 weeks of February. Let us know if you are interested. We will be doing some house construction with our bricks. We will also be doing other activities with the children on weekends.

If you would like to help with the cost of a Christmas Party for all our children and their Parents, please just make a one-time donation with a note about what it is for. We will need around $1700 for food and other items.

The project is underway for some new mattresses, sheets and mosquito nets for beds at the Junction. The total cost of this project is $885. Individual mattresses are $34 each and sheets are $8 each.

Here is an update from Amos,

Farouk said: “I used to take devotions and bible study classes for granted until last week when we were asked to have some quiet time with God and write down some of the things we would love to talk to God about. For the first time in my life I meditated and spoke to God. I went home and pinned my prayers in my bedroom, and I have seen God restore broken relationships in my family; something I had prayed for. I know for sure now that He listens and wants to have a relationship with me.”

Farouk is a 16-year-old boy from a Muslim background. Getting a testimony like this is evidence of God’s presence and work here.

Having looked at the importance of God’s word last month and spending quality time in prayer, we went deeper in studying the fruits and everlasting truths found in being transformed by the strong relationship we cultivate with God. We based this devotion from John 4:14. There were two aspects we dwelled on mostly from this scripture: WATER and NEW LIFE. As water quenches our thirst, so does the Holy Spirit satisfy our soul, and as we experience the presence of the Holy Spirit, we are changed from the inside. As our inner man gets transformed, the fruits of the Holy spirit are manifested on the outside and indeed a new life is given.

This has been the focus of our devotional times with the upper primary and secondary groups. The lower primary classes have been approached with a story from the Scripture with a focus on a fundamental truth from the story. We have continued to meet according to their tutoring days here at the Junction.


Tutoring for our students continues (as the children are still out of school). In fact, they have started assessments from what they have been learning through the months of October and November. We intend to use this assessment and evaluate how well the teachers have taught and whether the kids have benefited from this tutoring.


The boys continue to do a fantastic job. They have brought the number to above 1500 bricks. In fact, they were slowed down by heavy rains on the already limited two days they have in the week. We are super proud of them knowing that they make these bricks voluntarily as a way of blessing the family.


We have had very good conversations with the girls’ and boys’ groups most especially the s.2 and s.3 (senior 2 & 3) given the fact that they are the biggest group we have here. In November, conversations have ranged from contentment and comparison for the girls, pornography and addictions for the boys, to God’s view on all these subjects. We just lead these conversations. The kids views and experiences are central to the discussions. However, we point them to what the Bible says.


We have had wonderful series about the full ARMOR OF GOD found in Ephesian 6:10. These series have affirmed to us and the Ladies on how we have been equipped to fight the enemy in spirit. Each one of us on the team here has shared one or two aspects of the full armor of God. We have been blessed as much as the ladies by this series.


It has been our desire to share what God is doing here in Kabale. This month, we agreed as staff to put together a short video about finding the narrow road in Kabale. Jess did a fantastic job covering most of the programs we are involved in here to help not only our kids but also parents find the narrow road. Please check it out on our social media platforms on Instagram; only2roads, Facebook; Two Roads, and our YouTube channel; Two Roads Foundation Please stay tuned for more updates.

Thank you for your continued Support and prayers


Amos & Entire Staff

Thank you so much for your continued support! We cannot do this work without the Body of Christ! We are praying for you 

A final Note from Donna & Greg: Please pray for each of our sponsored kids to learn to love Jesus with all their heart, soul, mind and strength. To have a deep desire to know Him more. To love and understand the Word. Pray for the staff to have wisdom and discernment as they disciple the kids. Please pray for spiritual protection at the Junction. Pray against the enemy trying to destroy what God is doing in Kabale. Pray for the land to be returned to Two Roads. Pray for Junior’s trial as the date will be set Monday, Dec.6. Pray as we seek to buy another property to serve as the Junction. Please pray for us to hear God clearly and follow Him obediently. Please pray for more sponsors. We have so many children needing help. Thank you, prayer warriors. We are so thankful for you!

Merry Christmas,


Donna & Greg