Kevin, newly sponsored, gets ready to board at school.

Back to School Edition!

This edition will be dedicated to all the children returning to school! We started the process of moving all our students to better schools several years ago. Below you will see pictures of the three primary schools and two secondary schools that our sponsored children attend. In most cases they attend the school that is closest to where they live.  You can see on their faces how excited they are to be returning to school after the school closings over the last 2 years due to COVID.  Going back to school starts with getting school requirements. Your sponsorship pays for all the supplies and the school uniform they will need to attend school.  Every school has a different uniform.

Our staff has worked hard to get everyone ready to go back to school! Some students will be boarding at school for the first time. They will receive extra supplies for school (like a mattress and a case to keep their supplies at school.  (There are no school lockers in Kabale!)  They also have to bring their own toilet paper!  Every student comes to the 2 Roads Junction to get their supplies and instructions before heading to school.  Our staff visits every school and makes sure all the children have what they need.  Julie, our finance person, pays all the school fees for each child from your sponsorship funds.

Two Roads Students at Winners Primary School

Two Roads Students at New Foundation Primary School

Two Roads Students at Child Africa Primary School

Two Roads Students at Brainstorm Secondary School

Two Roads Students at Solberg Secondary School

Inside a classroom at Child Africa. That’s two of ours- Caroline and Phiona on the front row, right side.

I hope you can see that your sponsorship has made a big difference in these children’s lives! We are so grateful that you are partnering with us.  Your sponsorship doesn’t stop with education however; our qualified, God-seeking staff work with these children and their parents, grandparents or guardians to show them the way to live and to love and serve God.

Our goal is to build our own Two Roads school where we can have even more input into our children’s education.  We will be giving you additional information in the coming months.


Would you pray with us for Ishimwe Kevin who has had on-going kidney problems and then contracted COVID which appears to have made his kidneys worse.  He is the only one of our sponsored children not able to attend school right now.  We praise God that all our other students who had COVID recovered well.

God Bless you,

Greg & Donna & all our Uganda Staff