Francis is a miracle!!

As his mother was going to hospital to deliver him, he popped out and she gave birth to him by the road. Unfortunately, they found out he was born without an anus. 

This diagnosis led to a series of medical interventions to help him survive, that included putting a tube through his stomach to help him pass stool. The different stages of surgery he had to go through included one that claimed his life for a short while.

He currently is doing much better and he will be marking four years this coming month. He, however is not able to eat just any food as he is asked to eat only soft foods and fruits which the mother cannot afford. 

This leads to many hospital visits as the little boy then can’t pass stool and will have extreme stomach pain.

Apart from this, he loves to “play with the ball” as he says it.

Choosing Francis is going to be a big blessing for this family.