Last month we shared some pictures of all the schools where Two Roads has children enrolled. School is in full swing now in Kabale, Uganda, with almost 2 months completed. We are so excited to share how amazing the last two weeks have been as we have watched God add child sponsors! We have had new sponsors join us just in the last few weeks who in turn added 11 new children!! That begins the chance for Christ to work in us and through us to impact these children and their families for Christ!  As Amos clearly shares in the sponsorship video (you can watch it here Finding the Narrow Road-Kabale, Uganda – YouTube ) sponsorship is the entry point into these children and their family’s lives! Sponsorship is not all Two Roads is about, it is just the beginning point! So, you can see why we are excited to see God add these to our family. I want you to see their pictures, because they aren’t just numbers they have names and faces and personalities! We look forward to getting to know each one better.
  • School visits. With school going on and many of our students boarding at school, our staff has set up specific times to visit the children at their school. Our staff will conduct bible study and fellowship with our students at school.
  • Junction days. We have junction days every Sunday at 11:00 am for non-boarding students. We play games, have a Bible study, and enjoy a meal together. This is because kids go to school till Saturday. The schools here are doing what they can to cover the time lost in the last two years when the schools were closed.
FELLOWSHIP LEADERS Following the last year’s evaluation, God convicted us that it was necessary to find Fellowship women Leaders who truly had an ongoing relationship with the Lord and understood the Word well. We did not know how this process would be or how we would come up with these names. We agreed that we needed to get on our knees and pray for the Lord to show us these people. After a week of intentional praying, we came together to talk about the names God had Laid on our hearts. It is amazing how we found ourselves with the same names and it is at that moment that we knew the Holy spirit was at work. The following names were agreed up on in Unison.
  1. Rukundo Rose
  2. Evalyne Muhangi
  3. Turyashemererwa Shallon
  4. Akanyihayo Justine
Moving forward, we will be having trainings for these leaders to equip them with Biblical truth and knowledge and what it means to be a true disciple of Christ. We cannot wait to see what God has in store for them. This training and praying will continue until we feel like God has them ready to go. Continue praying with us that these ladies will be a seed of a revival in this town of Kabale and beyond. Prayers
  • For these new students as some of them enter new schools and start new relationships
  • Kevin who still needs to get stronger so he can get back to school
  • These ladies and our staff as they are discipled
  • Summer teams
  • Jess as he seeks to be God’s hands and feet in Kabale.
Jess and Donna and I are heading over to Uganda as you get this update (leaving March 2). We are excited to reconnect, enjoy fellowship and do some training together. We will be back the end of March to prepare the teams for the summer trips. Jess will be staying for 6 months. We will catch up with him again this summer Thank you for your continued prayers and support,
Amos, Greg, & Donna and all our staff