We praise the Lord for the blessing of more sponsors which means more children sponsored! We now have 140 children in our program!  We have added more children needing sponsorship to our website (Sponsor a Child | Only 2 Roads 

Jess has been creating videos for our YouTube channel. Please check it out and subscribe! (73) Two Roads Foundation – YouTube 

We had an opportunity to share about what God is doing in Kabale, Uganda last Sunday at Faith Bible Church in our Adult Bible Fellowship group.  We would love to share in more places! Maybe you would be willing to invite us to come and share in your Bible class. Another way to spread the word would be to have us in your home and you invite a few friends who would be interested to hear what God is doing! We would love to pass it on to your family and friends! Just message us or call us to schedule! 

Our recent trip to Uganda: Donna and I were in Uganda in March.  (Jess returned also to Uganda to stay until August). We had a very productive time.  We had a wonderful time of fellowship with our staff.  We had many opportunities to teach the Word.  We shared with our lady’s fellowship group, the men’s bible study group, the primary children at the Junction on Sundays and we got to visit in each school where our children attend.  

Junction days. All the day scholars (students who don’t board at school) attend what we call a Junction Day every Sunday. The children hear from God’s Word, have music and worship time; share a meal together and have some great fun time playing together with each other and our staff. We really enjoyed this time with the children while we were there. 

Parent Meetings: We had two parent meetings this month. While Donna and I were there we shared about how to parent God’s way! We shared from our own experience of raising children and things we have learned over the last 65 years! The second meeting was conducted by a local pastor who spoke about How God views children regardless of how they came into this world.  God has opened this door through our staff to minister in this way into our children’s parent’s lives. 

Boys and their cars! 

Baptism: We rejoice in being able to be a part of the baptism of three ladies! We are excited that God has moved in these ladies lives in this step of obedience! 

New Projects: We have 2 new projects we are starting.  

A tent project to add a second tent to allow more seating capacity out  

of the rain and hot sun. Total cost $990 

A generator project:  We are needing to purchase a generator to keep our operations running at the Junction during power outages. These happen quite often! At least once a week! This Honda generator is good quality and quiet.  The cost in Uganda is $1400.  We will add in the cost of electric wiring of $100.   

Total project cost $1500. 

You can view the status of these projects on the website (www.only2roads.org 

Prayer Requests: 

  • Just before we arrived in Kabale we got word that one of our fathers had been killed in an accident. He is the father of Chris, Apollo, Clinton, Timothy, Mordecai, and Joshua. Their mother died several years ago.  Only Joshua is being cared for by relatives. All the other boys are sponsored in our program. Pray for our staff as they minister and work with this family of boys.  
  • Pray that God will open the doors for acquiring the land back. 
  • Please pray for Ninsiima Mercy who lost her mother to heart disease. Mercy and her siblings do not have any parents remaining. She has an older sister who will be taking care of her 
  • We pray that God would use these Parent meetings to grow our parents to better understanding of the roles God has given them.  

Rosette, Amos and Enoch (our cook) serve dinner on Sunday! Servant Leaders!! 

Our children at Child Africa


God Bless, 

Greg & Donna