May Newsletter May 2, 2022


Holiday means lots and lots of kids are at the JUNCTION! The most interesting part of all is that we get to do life with them and have wonderful Bible study time. Kids have been out of school for the last 3 weeks which has been really rewarding to us. We have had a deeper study of who Jesus is according to Mark’s Gospel. We are studying chapter by chapter and that has given the kids a chance to answer most of the questions they have had about Christ. We have done this in small groups according to classes.

Sunday has been the general Junction Day where all the 2roads sponsored kids gather for Sunday service. After the Service, we play games and then lunch.

Students’ performance.

There has been a general improvement in the performance of our kids. We had academic reviews with all the kids and reviewed their performance. We set goals for the next term and we are optimistic that they will be even better in academic performance next term.

The junction.

We currently have a full house at the junction as all the boys are back from school!

Wycliff’s real work began as he has had to transition from just two boys to seven boys.

Kevin is currently going to school and studying half a day, hopefully his body will start coping with all the stress that comes with school. We need to continue praying for him so that he can go to school the next term without interruptions.

Parent’s meetings.

We had only one meeting this month. We had the probation officer who spoke about the legal requirements for parents.  She even talked about the Child Act; a law that protects children. Parents asked great questions and they understood that there are laws that protect the Ugandan Children. The parents seemed to appreciate her talk and they were enlightened by it.

  • New Video! Please like and subscribe to the Two Roads Channel on You-tube. Jess has created another video about the day in the life of Two Roads Child (33) A Day in the Life of a Two Roads Child – YouTube . Your sponsorship makes a huge difference in a child’s life. Watch Shivon’s story.  Please check it out!
  • Accountability: We had an inspection from the District NGO (non-governmental organization) board. They came to see whether the memorandum of understanding we have with them is still being followed. After an hour of inspection, they appreciated the work we were doing and said we were the best ministry around who implemented what is on paper. Praise the Lord! We thank God for the amazing staff and their dedication to serve our families with integrity!
  • Special Projects:
    • Rabbit project: We raised the money for funding the rabbit pilot project!

Last month we added a generator to our project list.  We want to mention the urgent need for this.  Just this week our staff had to operate for most of the week with no power. Please check out this project on the website and help if you can. Special Projects | Only 2 Roads

Upcoming trip: We will be heading over with a team of 7 in June.

Prayer Requests:

  • Kevin’s continued recovery
  • Court case for the land (rescheduled now for the 22nd of May)
  • Strength for the Staff
  • Spiritual training for the leadership of the lady’s fellowship
  • Understanding the true gospel for all the children
  • God directed opportunities for the June team.

Thank you for your continuing support. Thanks to Jess for the pictures in this edition and to Amos for much of the content!

God bless you,


Greg & Donna & all our Staff in Uganda