Here’s what’s going on in Uganda!


The criminal case which was scheduled for July 4th and then moved to July 18th and now will be scheduled at a special hearing August 8th, 2022. This has been hard trying to prepare the girls for this trial each time a date has been set!  They have had to relive their testimonies each time. God has provided an excellent prosecution team, headed up by a special prosecutor named Tyler.  Tyler’s testimony is that he was called by God to Uganda 3 years ago to help put an end to sex trafficking in Uganda!  He is working on this case with a prosecution team.  Some of our girls are now staying in Kampala in a witness protection program.  We hope some of the other girls will join them when the trial date is firmly set. We are partnering with an organization called Willow International that provides shelter and protection for trafficked victims.

The prosecution team is working on transferring the case to the International Crimes Division which is part of the International Criminal Court. They will apply to the High Court here on the 8th of August.

While Amos was in Kampala meeting with the girls and the prosecution team, Richard who is Junior’s biggest supporter was following and tracking Amos! He followed them from Kabale to Kampala and kept calling the girls to meet him. He promised them a lot of things. Thankfully, the girls tricked him into meeting him and prosecutors arrested him 2 blocks away from where we were meeting from.  He has a court date on August 18 to see if they will grant him bail. Pray that he remains in jail until after Junior’s trial.

Richard has lots of contacts and Amos has received many threats. The police in Kabale are talking about providing some protection for Amos.  Please pray for Amos and our staff’s protection.  Pray for all the girls for endurance, peace and healing.


The land case is currently still scheduled for August 18, but is Junior’s criminal case is moved to the High court in Kampala, this date will likely change. Please pray that the land case can be settled without a long delay!


We have reapplied for the permit to operate Two Roads in Uganda. We have applied for a 5 year permit.  Please pray that it will be granted!

  1. Children have finished the second term.

All our children have finished the second term (of three terms per year).  They will be off for 3-4 weeks of vacation. They will return to school the first week of September. It is an exciting time when our staff gets to spend more time with the children at the Junction. Our staff has scheduled programs according to Classes and age. The children will be coming 4 times a week and meeting in small groups. It is a huge blessing to have the kids present and to spend more time with them.

  1. House project.

We added a special project since the last newsletter- a house project!  And we praise the Lord that it is already fully funded! We are planning to take a small team in the first part of January to build a house for one of our children’s mom. We have made 3000+ bricks with the brick machine to use on this house.  Any additional funds that come in for this project can go into a fund to help other families with home repair and rebuilding. We will also be adding a new project this month to buy tools to make our construction in the future faster, a concrete mixer and some more battery powered tools.

Thank you for your prayers and support,

Amos,Greg, Donna and all the Ugandan Team.