We are excited to let you know about what God is doing in Kabale, Uganda.

First, I wanted to share a thought from the scripture. In our team’s reading this week we read about how evil Judah’s King Ahaz was, even to the point of sacrificing his own children. Yet, his son Hezekiah, who grew up in that environment became a good king who followed God with his whole heart. (see 2Chronicles 28-29) Our prayer and desire is to see this be true in the lives of our 2 Roads children!  That in spite of poverty, and lack of a healthy father figure in many cases, that they would rise up to change their family trajectory by seeking God with all their hearts. May God’s spirit draw them!

  1. The holiday program.

Our kids were on vacation from school in August. Here is what Amos had to say about it “We were very excited to get to spend more time with the kids. For us, this is the most important part of our work because we get more time for Discipleship. We have studied about the life of Joseph and how God’s sovereignty was shown throughout his life. We learned about how God orchestrates everything for his glory and how he reveals his purpose for our lives when we stay faithful like Joseph did.

We came up with a holiday program schedule that we would meet the kids 5 days a week. The kids were able to come up with a choir and led us in praise and worship every Sunday.

Besides this, we held academic reviews with kids. We looked at how they performed last term. We got into the reasons for their decline or improvement. We also came up with academic goals for the following term. This week, we shall be distributing school requirements and paying fees as they report on the 04th of September.

  1. Parents and students meeting.

After a very long time, we had a joint meeting for both the parents and the students on Aug. 19.  Amos spoke to them about the vision God has laid on our hearts as a ministry stressing the importance and role of each stakeholder and that is; Parents, Children and 2roads. He stressed the importance of seeing this as a partnership where we must fulfill what God has called each one of us to. We told them that this is not just 2roads vision or dream rather that it is God’s vision, and he is calling all of us to play our role.

The feedback from parents was the best part of this meeting where one of the parents said “We like this organization because you have given us the opportunity to participate and made sure that we are involved. You make us feel like this is ours as well”

  1. Back to school! The children are returning to school Monday Sept. 5th. They are starting their final term of this school year. This picture is the S1 & S2 students with their supplies for school.
  1. New Sponsorships!

We got four new children sponsored this last month!


You have to love these smiles.  Every child who is sponsored and comes into our Two Roads family receives a Bible! Thank you for helping put God’s Word into these children’s hands (and eventually their hearts!)





  1. Court Updates: The criminal trial for Junior has been transferred to the International Criminal Court in Kampala. There is no trial date set yet. The land case that was supposed to go to trial on August 18th didn’t happen because the Judge who was to hear the case has been reassigned. (as were lots of other Judges). So again we wait for God’s timing.
  2. Prayer Requests:
  • The Holy Spirit to draw children and families to Himself
  • We still haven’t been able to find Clinton. Pray that he will return safely.
  • We had to dismiss Timothy from the program. Pray that he will turn to God.
  • Pray for the children as they return to school
  • Pray that the cases in the courts will be settled in God’s timing.
  • Pray for renewal of our NGO permit for at least 2 years.

Thank you for your continued support and prayers,

Greg, Donna, Amos and our Staff.