Rosette, Amos & Enoch serving a meal at the Junction

This month we are sharing from Amos reporting from Kabale.

  1. BACK TO SCHOOL. The children are now 1 month into their final term for the year. In a few weeks those students who are in candidate classes (Primary 7, Secondary 4 & 6) will be taking National exams. Please pray for them as they take these exams (edited by Greg).
  2. Parents meeting,

We had a wonderful meeting about hygiene, and what made it interesting was the fact that we opened it up to them and they openly talked about it but also advised, encouraged one another about how to keep their homes, children, and themselves clean and healthy.

Julie also gave them lessons on how to save even with the less they earn so that they can plan better.

  1. (We include this because it shows the difficulties some of our children face, but also the way our staff works to help these children in so many ways.  Right now, Mathius is staying at our Junction and preparing for the upcoming National exams -Greg & Donna)

Mathius has had a lot of behavior issues this whole year starting with him being suspended from boarding school to him almost fighting with the deputy headteacher and the gate man. Knowing this young man, we were pushed to believe that there might be something more to his behavior which turned out to be true. His father left him in the house as last term was ending and then was later kicked out by the landlord.  He didn’t have anywhere to go as he does not have a great relationship with the mother. He moved to the village until it was brought to our attention that he was not attending school. We later spoke to his mother and reconciled them. He is currently living with his mother but still affected emotionally by the how the mum is financially struggling, a feeling of rejection from his father and the anger that comes with it. Tyra is working with him through this. Continue praying with him.


Praying with ladies who made decisions to follow Christ at the Fellowship in July 2022

Throughout August and the first week of September, we have been studying Paul’s letter to Galatians. It has been great! We felt led to do this because just like the church in Galatia that had been infiltrated by false teachers, teaching that somehow salvation depended on works like circumcision and so have these falsehoods taken root in a different form in the church here in Kabale. There is a bondage of religion here that cripples the true gospel. This study has unleashed the truth that has not been told a lot here.

We have started on the book of the Hebrews to show that everything else points to Christ.

In continuing to preach the true gospel, we are still equipping the fellowship leaders with the right tools to preach the gospel. We are using the methods that Jesus used 2000 years to equip his followers. This is because of the deeper study of the 4 gospels.


I have been studying about the best ways to Disciple our children. While doing this, I learned that Christ used a small group approach to deepen his relationship with his mentees and teach them. He did not only do that, but also did life with them. This I believe has resulted into this gospel movement which has stood a test of time for the last 2000 years. With this therefore, allow me to list the following observations I have made that we could implement here at 2 Roads.

  • Assign a pair of our staff 12 kids to Disciple. This will not be limited to Bible study only. The mentor will create relationships with the families where these kids come from, get to know the kid’s needs better and yield a deep relationship built on trust.

(Pray with us as we consider doing this, as it will require a lot from our staff, but it is in-line to what God has called us to do – Greg & Donna)

Thank you for your unmatched support and prayers,

Ugandan staff.

A couple of additional things from G & D:

  • In December we will be having a Christmas party and this usually includes giving meat to each family for their Christmas meal. The staff will organize a meaningful Christmas program and we will be feeding everyone a wonderful Christmas meal. I will give more details next month, but if you would like to give to this you can do so, just mark your gifts 2 Roads Christmas.
  • We are organizing a team to go to Uganda the first 2 weeks of January. This will be a mostly manual labor building trip. We will be building a house for one of our sponsored families.  If you are interested in going please let me know.
  • We have some exciting news that we will sharing next month! Stay tuned!!

God bless,

Greg & Donna