March 6, 2023

To All,

Prayer List:  Please see the separate link to the prayer list on the website!!

House construction: During January a team of mostly young men and few young women worked very hard to build a new home for one of our sponsored families.  We finished all but the roof.  Two of our young men, Mathis and Joseph, have worked with a local contractor the last few weeks and completed it! It looks great! Thanks to Amos & the team for a job well done!!

Summer Trip:  We are planning on taking a team to Kabale this summer July 5th-20.  We still have a few spots left if anyone is interested. We will need to purchase plane tickets by the end of March.

The following are highlights are taken from Amos Monthly report with only slight editing.

  1. Back to school season.

We started off February with getting back all the kids at school. In this, we made changes and got into a partnership with two new schools. Kigezi High school and Ebenezer primary school. These changes were due to our continued commitment towards giving our kids the best education there is in Kabale, Uganda. Amos has shared that the children and their parents are incredibly grateful for these new s school opportunities.

Asaph’s words best tell this. “I am really blessed to join my dream school, KIGEZI HIGH SCHOOL. Now I will be part of the great alumnus like the former prime minister of Uganda. This would not be possible if 2roads was not paying my fees.”  Asaph’s story is a representation of so many grateful kids.

I am glad to report that all our children have reported back to school.  Rosette and Julie did fantastic job of getting everything in place and on time.

  1. School visits.

After the reporting date, we visited the schools to make sure that everyone had reported on time and to check on how everyone was settling in. We only had one student out of 150+ children who had not reported for school.  Tyra visited her home and found she had moved to Kampla!

  1. Parents meetings.

We held a general parent’s meeting last Friday on the 24th of February. The topic was PIONEERING GENERATIONAL FAITH AND STABLE FAMILIES. I based my sharing from Genesis 12 when Abraham’s obedience pioneered the covenant between God and his descendants. I talked about the need to pioneer this faith in their families, to seek a true close relationship with the Lord rather following pointless religion. This is from the knowledge of how many of these parents are likely to be first people to hear the true gospel.

I told them how this relationship if cultivated could transform them inside out and there by building lasting families.

The feedback was great, hoping the Lord will continue piercing their hearts.


As we shared last month all our secondary school children who reach secondary 4 (think Sophomore) take a national exam.  Of the 13 students who took the exam half of them scored well enough to move on to S5.  The others are being evaluated to determine if they will go into vocational training and if so, what kind of training.  So far, we have two boys who will be moving into technical fields; Mathius will do construction and Joseph will train in plumbing. We are working on getting them good schools for these vocations.  There are a couple of girls we are still hoping to decide what further study they will do.


God bless,

Amos, Greg & Donna