April 9, 2023.

Dear All,

We thank all of you who prayed with us concerning the April 4th court date.  The Judge accepted the charges in the criminal case and set May 3 as the trial date.  Please continue to pray for the girls for strength and courage.

We are finalizing our summer trip plans.  We have a team of 6 that will be leaving OKC on July 5th. We are planning on taking specially printed Two Roads shirts for each child, taking books for our library and teaching materials for Sarina. Sarina Brothers is going with the team and has made plans to stay for at least a year as a volunteer. Sarina is a graduate of Oklahoma Baptist University. She has made many trips with us to Uganda. She will be doing mentoring, some tutoring, learning Rokiga (the local dialect), and helping out anywhere as needed.  She is completing her first year of teaching 1st grade here in South OKC. Her heart is to serve God overseas and be a light for Jesus wherever she is.  Click here to visit her support page.  If you would like to give to support her you can give in all the ways that you give to support your sponsored child, just specify or let us know it’s for Sarina.

Important Announcement

Two Roads is now in its 8th year of serving the children and families of Kabale.  We started sponsoring children for $40 per month and have not increased it over these last 8 years. In the last few years we have added health insurance for each sponsored child, moved them to better (more expensive schools), and been faced with rising inflation in Kabale. Meeting with our board of directors we have determined that we will need to raise our sponsorship to $50 per month. We don’t make this change lightly.  The change will start with any new sponsorships after July 1st. Existing annual sponsorships will not increase until your next sponsorship date after July 1 this year. (so, if you have already paid sponsorship this year, the increase will not be in effect until 2024). If you are a monthly sponsor, we will be contacting you individually in August and September to determine if and when you would be able to increase your sponsorship amount.  We don’t want to lose any sponsors!  If you are unable to increase your sponsorship amount we will accept what you can give. No on needs to do anything yet, but we wanted to give you a heads up.

The rest of this Newsletter is shared by Amos:

Here are the highlights of what transpired in March!


We had a parent’s meeting on the 17TH  of March. Our topic was  “Choices” and it was discussed by Rosette. We had a few of our parents admit to how some of their choices led them to where they are now. A case in point was mama Asaph who believes would really be far if she had been consistent with her tailoring business. She mentioned how she used to hop from one business to another, which never yielded in the end. She however said she is thankful for the lessons learnt but also mentioned her greatest decision was to accept Christ as her personal Savior.

Rosette emphasized how small choices might lead to long term effects and urged our parents to be more intentional with the kind of decisions they make for them and their families.



We have been able to do school visits checking on our students and doing Bible studies with them. This has been a great experience because it gives us the opportunity to know how our kids are doing in school and their spiritual walk with Christ! We’re grateful that mostly these school have given us a platform to do this including the newest school we have partnered with!

  • Solberg college has given us Saturday at 11am to conduct our Bible study classes while Kigezi high school has offered every Tuesday at 5pm! Brainstorm offered us Sunday once a month while the rest of the primary schools have given us Sundays as well.

Students from Kigezi High School.

Students from Kigezi High School.



We had three senior six students, and we would say they performed fairly well, as stated below.

Akampulira Kevin:             11

Asiimwe Moreen:               08

Bikorwomuhangi Benias: 08

According to our policy, Kevin is the only one qualifying for a bachelor’s degree as the others will have to opt for a diploma course or vocational school.

We have already sent out application letters to those that have reached out in preparation for the interviews.



We had four senior members out of six that qualified for our vocation system. That’s Mathias, Joseph, Patricia, and Sarah. After several interviews with them we looked around for schools and currently three of them have reported to the school.

Mathias and Joseph are both doing a certificate in civil engineering (building and construction) at St. Joseph Kisubi in Entebbe.

Patricia is doing a certificate in agriculture at metropolitan university in Kisoro.

We are excited to see how they will do.


Thank you for continued support and prayers,

Amos on behalf of the team in Uganda.

Greg & Donna