To All,

You have been receiving updates on the criminal trial.  This coming week on May 10th we believe that the process of selecting or getting ready to selecta jury will start. We thank you for continuing to pray.

Here are some highlights from Amos for the last 4 weeks:


We had two parents meeting in April, one on the 14th  where we invited doctor Bruce from medicus to talk about health and more preventative ways of living healthier. The parents say it was so informative and were grateful.

The second meeting was held on the 28th, and it was a review of the past three meetings we have had. We do reviews after every three meetings as a way of getting feedback from parents on whether they are practicing what they have been learning but to also encourage one another as this is usually a very interactive session.


We were only able to visit Solberg students for Bible study this month as most of the other schools were doing examinations. From the previous conversation we have had with the students it did seem like the school was trying to change a few things for the students.

We will be visiting the rest of the schools the coming month. Our topic was perseverance as a way of encouraging them to hang in as they do their best at school.


We have our sponsored children out of school on vacation. We will have most of them for  a period of three weeks, and we are going to be having a holiday program and spend time one-on-one with them.

We have prepared a deep study on God the Father. It is very exciting for us to get more time with the kids.


A group of three women (our parents Mama Paul, Mama Francis and Mama Blessed) are part of a new empowerment program. This has been a highlight for us this month knowing the stories of each of these women and how much they have been struggling.

We had individual discussions with each one of them to find out what they would love to do in terms of business. Mama Francis opted to do a restaurant business. She had initially worked with someone who did the same business and had acquired some experience.

Mama Blessed decided on doing a fresh produce like avocados, fruits, and tomatoes. She will be selling from the local market

Mama Paul decided on doing a charcoal business, she will also be selling from the local market.

We came with a contract that they signed with both expectations from us and them, and we thought that for this to be fruitful we will have to walk with these women and so we will be meeting them every week on Tuesday afternoon. We will be going through their bookkeeping and just following up on how the businesses are actually going.

We are very excited for them and are hoping this empowerment program will ultimately help them better their lives and their families.


We did a follow up with the families that we gave rabbits last year and out of four, three are really thriving. It was beautiful hearing the stories of how they have benefited from this project. An example was mama Daphine, she explained how she had been able to pay school fees for her other unsponsored children but also take care of her household. It was encouraging to hear.

We also had a meeting with all of them and they shared with one another what they each are doing to thrive, and they shared how they even treat common illnesses that the rabbits get. Mama Daphine shared and said that she uses tobacco leaves yet mama Martha uses paraffin and in comparison, they concluded that tobacco is cheaper and more effective.

We also encouraged them to now start thinking about growing their business.

The rabbit was started as a pilot study to start our economic empowerment program for our parents, and we are happy to report that it has indeed been a good source of income.

Mama Martha has expanded to diversify and has started a small poultry project through the proceeds of the rabbits.

Thank you for your steadfast support and prayers,

Amos and the Ugandan team.

Greg & Donna

If you would like to give to any of these specific ministries, economic empowerment, Rabbit Project, tool project you can do that through the website. (We will be setting up the Empowerment project this week).