Today June 10 is Amos birthday! Happy Birthday Amos!!

To All:
We praise God for all that He is doing though you, our sponsors, and the staff in Uganda to make a difference in the lives of the families of Kabale. He is taking families living in poverty and through the gospel and the gospel lived out through our staff, lives are being changed. There are 500 lives being touched as we minister to the children and their families. But change happens one person at a time. So, we pray, we see those who are receptive to His Spirit working, and seek to nurture and water what God has planted.

In May the children were out for a break from school. The first three-month term was over. That is a time when our staff can spend more time with them. Amos states, “This is the most exciting period of our work! This is when we get to spend more time with the kids. “
Here’s what Amos said about their holiday plan: We started a series about God the father, and in retrospect most of our children have absent fathers or fathers that haven’t risen to the occasion. I believe it was the Holy Spirit that chose this specific topic. This topic helped us explain that much as we might have not known the Love of our earthly fathers, but there is a heavenly who is loving. We focused on the following things.

  • The plan that God had for fathers.
  • We talked about the kind of earthly fathers we have had.
  • Do we know that God is our father?
  • How are we supposed to carry ourselves after this realization?

Most of our kids without a doubt have been hurt by their fathers but we had a role of reminding them about a perfect heavenly father that loves them.

One important thing that Amos has led us to do is to have regular meetings with our children’s parents and guardians. The latest meeting was a joint meeting between the parents and Kids. It focused on the 4 pillars that 2roads stands on for the mission and vision God has given us to succeed. These are.
a) The 2roads Leadership and Administration
b) Parents
c) The Kids
d) The Sponsors
All of these Pillars must do their part for change to happen! We also assured them of our commitment to help meet their spiritual, school, medical, feeding needs.

In order to improve our children’s English and ability to express themselves we are introducing a book reading plan. Stay tuned to see how this plan develops.

We are excited to be taking 4 people to Kabale in July. Two who have never been and two are “veterans”! Sarina Brothers is going to stay for at least a year as an intern! We have lots of plans, but we always remember that “a man plans his ways, but the LORD directs his steps”. We just pray we will be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit.

The team going to Uganda this summer plans to take 2 Roads tee shirts for all the children and polo shirts for the staff & team. This will be the first time in 8 years we have planned to do this. This will give identity to the sponsored children and provide them another shirt to wear (most have only school uniform and maybe one other shirt) The expected cost for this project is $2300. We have had $400 given so far.

The trial did start on May 25. The jury was seated. Junior pled not guilty to 12 counts. He also stated that he had never had a CBO (Community based organization) and that he didn’t know any of the girls who had given statements about him! After less than a day, and during the middle of one of the girl’s testimony the judge “paused” the trial. He said the trial would resume July 13.

All our students are currently back in school. Thank you for making this possible!!

Thank you for your continued support and prayers,

Greg, Donna, Amos and the Ugandan Team