Emmanual with Donna

Emmanual with Donna

Emmanuel, New member of our staff.

 Emmanuel Taremwa has been sponsored by Two Roads since we began.  He recently completed his college education with a degree in social work.  He did his internship with us last year.  We decided to hire him on probation. He has exhibited an incredible teachable spirit and has good self-motivation. We are hopeful that by the end of this probationary period, he will be ready to work for us full time.

Parents Meetings

We had a parent meeting on the 11th of august and the focus was on intentional parenting. Our sponsored students are out for a holiday break. Our staff discussed the need for spending intentional time with their children. They appealed for our parents to actually prioritize spending time with their children.

Holiday Program

All our students (as of August 25th) are on holiday from school. This time presents us the best opportunity for Bible study and character development.  We have students attending both our Sunday and weekly programs. This is our staff’s favorite time to be at the junction!

This holiday, we are talking about labels.  Negative labels that we give ourselves, labels that we give others and labels that society and family has given us.  We are contrasting that to the “labels” God gives us (how God sees us). We will be reading from the book of 1 Samuel 16:7 when God asked Samuel to go and appoint the new king from the sons of Jesse. Samuel thought God was going to anoint the king depending on how they looked, but he was reminded that God looks inwardly and not at what we look at as people.

Our prayer is that our students will understand that what is most important is how God views us.

Legal and Registration progress

We were able to obtain the District Recommendation for the renewal of registration to the NGO bureau. This starts a long process of being approved as a Non-governmental organization able to operate in Uganda.  We are now applying for a 5 year certificate (for the last few years we have only been given a one year certificate)

Criminal TrialAmos testified in the trial on August 12th.  Before he could be cross-examined the trial was adjourned. No new date has been set, but indicators are it will reconvene in October.

The trial for seeking the return of the land to Two Roads was extended to November 9th in anticipation that the criminal trial will be concluded by then (It had been scheduled to start in August)

January Team

We need to be putting together a team for January.  If you or someone you know has an interest in working with children in Uganda please contact us. It’s a hard trip, and expensive trip and not for the faint of heart.  But it’s also one of the most life changing things you can do!! The children will be out of school (we are shooting for going the first 2 weeks of January) so we will be teaching and singing and playing games and worshipping with about 150 children! You will meet our wonderful staff and work along side them.

  • Please pray that our staff will have wisdom from God as they share during this holiday break.
  • Pray for Sarina as she steps out on faith and lives in a new culture, learning a new language.
  • Pray for the boys living at the Junction that they will get along and be discipled.
  • Pray for the team that will go in January.

A big thanks to many of you who have increased your sponsorship giving to $50 per month.  All new sponsorships are $50, but we are letting our legacy sponsors decide when and if they are able to increase their sponsorship. We are blessed by all of you for your support.

May God be praised!

Greg & Donna, Randy & all our Ugandan staff