Treasure is an eight year old warm little girl and the second born of four children. She is in top class, she would love to be a nurse and red is her favorite color.

Treasure has vitiligo¬†and coming from a community that she does come from, both her and her family are stigmatised. children her age don’t want to even play with her. This has left her always thinking that how she looks is a big problem and on top of that, she doesn’t¬†have any of the creams to help her from sunburns and all the other needs that come with vitiligo.

Her father abandoned them a long time ago and it’s been just her taking care of her and all the other siblings. Treasure’s mother sells yellow bananas, the money she makes in a day is sometimes not enough to provide a meal for them. They currently are living in a temporary shack that doesnt shield them from rain or coldness as this all they can afford.

Choosing to sponsor treasure will be giving her an all round chance to life.