Namirembe Divine Peace is seventeen years old and from what she has been told the first of three children. I say that because Divine actually stays with an old lady that is supposedly a sister to her maternal grandmother.The elderly lady says that she was brought to her when she was only two years old and this was after her parents were separated and were both moving on. Divine has never seen her parents again, and she has only known the old  lady as her only guardian.

Unfortunately, her grandmother is growing older and weaker as she currently doesn’t do any work that could bring in any income for the  home. Divine is supposed to be in senior one  this year but she has only been able to study the first term and has since not been able to go back because they can’t afford any school. She wants to do civil engineering and this dream is currently so out of reach.

Divine and her family really need help and it would be amazing if she was considered for sponsorship.