December 2, 2023

Figure 1 Emmanuel

We wish you a very blessed Christmas season!  You are always in our prayers. We thank God for each one of you!

Christmas Project update: You have given $4814 toward our goal of $5705.  Only $891 left. Please consider giving a gift this Christmas to bless the children and their families in Kabale, Uganda.

Here is general breakdown of the costs:

  • Food for the party $750
  • Christmas party Awards $270
  • Family food packages (134 families!) $2200
  • Gift of 2 chairs per family $2200
  • *The total has been increased $285 to cover food packages to 19 additional families who are waiting for a child to be sponsored.

We have two that are graduating from the university, Emmanuel and Shaninah .  Emmanuel has started working for Two Roads as a social worker in training. We also have Hellen who is graduating from Vocational training. We congratulate each of them on their accomplishments.


Our sponsorship has increased this year to 156 children (although we are graduating the three mentioned above) This great news also comes with a reminder that there is still much need! Currently we have 19 children on the website awaiting sponsorship! Wouldn’t it be an amazing thing if we could get all of these sponsored by the time school starts next year in February? It is something that is really on our hearts. I will put just one of these children here, but please go look at the others listed on the website. Could you be an ambassador for Two Roads by sharing this need with someone you know?  Share the need with family or a friend. Let’s all pray that this need will be met! Remember also that each child sponsored represents a family which will be reached for Christ.  They will attend parents/guardian meetings and be eligible to receive a food package at Christmas.  They will become a part of the Two Roads Family!

Mukamarinda Victor is a six year old boy who is currently in top class at a local primary school (top class is similar to a U.S. kindergarten program). Victor, his younger sibling, and his mother stay with Victor’s grandparents, but they are not wanted there. Victor’s mother is deaf and mute, meaning she communicates through sign language. Because of this, she finds it hard to find people that will give her work to do. People do not offer her jobs, because they struggle to communicate with her. Victor, along with his brother and mother, are not supported by outsiders or by their own family. Sponsoring Victor will allow him to continue his education where he can learn and grow, while simultaneously relieving some stress from his mother.


  1. Parents meeting. We had two parents’ meetings this month and the first one we spoke about LABELS; labels they were and have been given by different people. This is a topic we had talked about with the kids and while sharing, we realized that their parents had labeled them different things and that of course stemmed from somewhere. In other words, it has been a generational cycle of abuse.

That is why we felt led to share the same. We talked about how that shapes their parenting and tried to make them realize the damage it causes.

The second parent’s meeting was about reflecting on the lessons learnt through out the year.   Nalongo (who is one of our parents) talked about how she had a lot anger towards her children. She abused them verbally and sometimes beat them. She saw these kids as a burden because of how she conceived and struggled to get along with them. She told us that when we talked about children as a blessing from God regardless of how they may come into this world, her perspective drastically changed. While saying this, she broke down and tears started running down her cheeks. Nalongo said she found her purpose and identity from these meetings and that her household is full of joy!

Another parent, Gift shared about how her view changed when we talked about LABELS. Instead of calling her children names just as she was labeled as a child, she promised to never do the same for her children. Instead, she now addresses her children by whom they want to become. She calls her son Doctor Solomon because that’s his dream!

Figure 2 Susan, Rebecca & Swinitor enjoying vacation program

Holiday Program

We are more than excited to have to have kids back from school. This is the time we get to share Love and Christ with them. Most kids broke off school on the 25th Nov. They will be out of school through January 2024. We will be talking about the TRINITY, play games, share meals and oh yes have fun!

Our goal is to maximize the little time we have with our children by spending quality time with all of them.

  1. The Rabbit project.

The seven more selected families have received the rabbit hatches and rabbits! What a blessing this is and shall be… This month, we made sure that the hatches were made correctly, the trainings were done and rabbits allocated. In the trainings, 2 things were taught; how to care for the rabbits and how to treat this as a business and keep good records.

Forever indebted to your support and prayers!

Amos on behalf of the Ugandan team.

God bless you,

Greg & Donna


Prayer requests:

  1. Sponsors for the 19 children waiting…
  2. The trial which resumes December 11
  3. Donna & Greg’s trip to Kabale in January (and Sarina returning with them)
  4. Tyra and Amos finding a new place to live (their landlord just told them they have to be out of the house they are currently renting by the end of January.
  5. The hearts of the children to be receptive to Holy Spirit as they hear the Word of Truth over this current holiday break.