A friend of mine sent me this quote yesterday, I thought I would share it because it describes what we have experienced in Uganda:

“In my experience, Christians who go overseas to make disciples usually end up doing all sorts of things that help to alleviate poverty and human suffering as the natural overflow of the disciple making process.  On the other hand, the Christians who go overseas to do something else primarily, never actually get around to making disciples.”  -Zane Pratt

Donna and I arrived in Kabale on January 5th.  January is a great time for us to visit because the children are all out of school on break until February. Our main focus this trip was to teach on what true salvation is and how they can give their lives to Christ.  We had some great sessions of Bible study. We had two young ladies give their lives to Christ (Christine and Doreen)!

We also had some great fun doing relays, volleyball and other games. We just really enjoy hanging out with the staff and children at the Junction. The Junction is a safe place where the children know they can come, receive love and acceptance, build long lasting friendships and receive biblical instruction for their daily lives.  Our staff is available to support all the sponsored children and their families.



The children will be starting back to school very soon. Amos has been working on getting new students enrolled at Kigezi High School. Exciting news: We just received the grades for our Primary 7 students who took the national exam at the end of last year – all of them passed with good grades! We plan to seek admission for all of these students to attend Senior 1 at Kigezi High School.

Home visits

Donna and I were able to visit a number of homes which are participating in the second phase of the rabbit project. We are pleased at how this project is helping our families gain a sustainable source of income.


  1. Parents meeting.

We had a parent meeting on the 12th of January, Donna and I shared the vision of Two roads, not just paying school fees for the students but as an entry point for mentoring and discipleship.  We also want to come alongside in partnership with our children’s families to teach, encourage and empower them.

  1. The theme at Two Roads Uganda this year!

God put it on Amos’s heart to adopt EXCELLENCE as their annual theme. He drew inspiration from Colossians 3:23. They began with several studies as a staff on how they can better their work and reflect the excellence God calls them to. They plan to do monthly, quarterly and annual reviews to keep themselves to the highest standard.

Future Vision

Allow me to share a vision for the future! As we continue to wait for the current land to be made available through the courts, we have continued to look at other properties. We looked at a beautiful piece of property up the mountain beyond our current land.  It is a big property with a huge potential! It could be a location for a secondary school, a place for farming and growing our own food, possibly raising cattle, and providing housing for families. Please pray that we would have clear direction about whether to pursue this property and the financial means to buy it.  The current plan would be to still build a new Junction on the current property (when we can move forward with it) and use the other bigger land for these future needs.  Here are a few pictures of this land!


Prayer Requests

  • Pray for a pastor & an established church
  • Pray for final resolution of the criminal trial (next court date Feb.12)
  • Pray for Two Roads to obtain the land title and begin construction on the new Junction
  • Pray for the Lord’s direction on purchase of more land and construction of a school, housing for families, farming, livestock raising.
  • Pray for continuing growth of ministries:
    • Ladies Fellowship
    • Men’s fellowship/bible study
    • Parents Meetings/training
    • Student Mentoring
    • Rabbit project & other resource generating projects
  • Pray for mission team(s) in June-Aug
  • Pray for Staff development/discipleship


Thank you for your continuing Support!

Greg & Donna & Amos & for all of us at Two Roads