Horris is a fifteen year old boy that is supposed to be joining senior two.  He is the third child out of five. Horris loves to draw, he says he would love to be an architect. He enjoys playing basketball and red is his favorite color.

Horris lost his mother a few years ago. His father is the primary suspect and is currently in prison. Because of this, they lost everything; lost both their parents, lost their home (they were threatened to be killed). They had to move to a new area by themselves.

Horris is currently staying with his older sister in a small rented space and the burden is completely on her, yet she really just finished school herself and has not been able to find a decent job. It is a burden too big for a young person to carry.

Choosing to be a part of Horris’ life is giving hope to a child¬†that has lost too much at the same time.