Innocent is the first child of three, he is fourteen years old and he wants to be a dentist. He explains he would love to be a dentist. Yellow is his favorite color and loves to play soccer.

Innocent lost his father 10 years ago and has been living with his mother and two half siblings. Innocent’s  mother recently lost her job, she used to clean at a local mosque where she was asked to convert to islam if she wanted to keep her job. She declined to that as she is a believer and was really working there for survival. life has been hard for them as family since now there is no consistent flow of income even when what she was earning was less than 20 dollars a month, they knew it was coming. 

Innocent is not sure he will go back to school, he is never sure of when the next meal will be and life in general is not easy for this young man.  Sponsoring Innocent will be restoring hope for this whole family.