Shellinah is a thirteen year old that just finished her primary level and is supposed to be joining high school. She would love to become a pediatrician because she loves children a-lot and would love to contribute to them being healthy. Her favorite color is orange and she loves to sunbathe. 

Shellinah never got the opportunity to know the mother as she left her with the father when she was very little, the father went to work far from home after a few years of that happening and she has never seen him again, he is an alcoholic and has never provided for this little girl. 

Shellinah stays with her aunt that chose to take her up when both parents abandoned her, she however has children of her own yet she has no constant income as she does farm work on peoples property as a source of income. 

However, for the past five years a lady that is not related to Shellinah chose to pay for her school tuition and take care of her until last year when she said she couldn’t afford it anymore. 

She is back at her aunt’s place and hasn’t been able to report back to school.

This little girls life could be reduced to starting manual labor and later conceiving for a random wasted person because of trying to survive, choosing to sponsor Shellinah will be a huge blessing.