Our mission is to mobilize the Church to transform the lives of these who are living in poverty; Physical poverty and spiritual poverty. Our vision is to see lives transformed by the power of God for and to His glory.


To All: 

Closing arguments in the criminal trial are now set for April 11. Please be in prayer for that.  The following are taken from Amos report from the activities of March.

  1. Parents meeting. Our staff held 2 parent meetings in March. The theme was:

HOW THE PARENT’S RELATIONSHIPS AFFECT THE UPBRINGING OF THE CHILDREN.  The parents appreciated this initiative as some talked about how no one had ever sat them down to talk to them about a Godly marriage. They asked lots of good questions. Most of them also said how they really didn’t have an example of what a Godly marriage looks like.  This is definitely exciting to imagine what God will do with these meetings as this could be the beginning of functional families.

Couples for training!

The second meeting was specifically for couples. We agreed to meet first with couples and we held that meeting on the 22nd of March and to say that we were pleasantly surprised by how many parents showed up with their partners is an understatement. (35 couples) showed to the first meeting!  How exciting is that! The scripture shared was from Ephesians 5:22-30. We emphasized the importance of both partners loving and submitting to one another in truthfulness. We underpinned the importance of communication and talked about how they can communicate authentically but gracefully.

  1. Vocational students
  • Six students enrolled in vocational schools in March. They finished Secondary 4 and will go on to vocational school. There are 3 boys and 3 girls. Girls: ( Kirezi Sheilla, Kirobo Phionah,& Arineitwe Sandrah) at YMCA Mbarara branch and all doing a certificate in catering and hotel management. Boys:  ( Matsiko Derrick, Tumusiime Anaclete, and Tayebwa Blair)enrolled at the Nyamitanga Technical school in Mbarara district. Two of these are doing a certificate in Automotive mechanics while one is doing a certificate in plumbing. Their courses will be for a period of two years.
  1. Brenda Princess

    University interviews. Following Senior 6 (like our high school senior year) our sponsored children have the opportunity to apply for a university scholarship. Going on to the university is not for all the students. Some end their education at this point and some go on to vocational training. This past week we had 5 students who applied through a written university scholarship form. After their written applications are reviewed, they are called in for an in-person interview. They were Anthony, Daphine, Brenda (Princess), Benius, and Moreen. They were good interviews. Let me just share one example:

    1. Brenda wants to go to Law School and fight for Justice for the marginalized like her grandfather whose land was grabbed by a rich person because of the system of corruption.

It is exciting to see what a difference Two Roads has made and will continue to make in the individual lives of these young adults. It is God’s working, using each of you (sponsors & staff) to provide opportunities to give them what they would otherwise not have.

Sponsors can continue to support these young people at the university, but the actual cost is at least twice as much as our monthly sponsorship covers.  That’s why we created a college scholarship fund.  Currently it is not funded. Maybe God would lead you or someone you know to give to the general scholarship fund.

Just a reminder, Donna and I are still available to speak in your church!

Greg & Donna

Greg’s cell:580-307-4686

Donna’s cell: 580-307-4578


Prayer requests:

  • Pray for God’s financial provision to the ministry
  • Pray for a pastor & an established church
  • Pray for final resolution of the criminal trial (next trial date April 11)
  • Pray for Two Roads to obtain the land title and begin construction on the new Junction
  • Pray for the Lord’s direction on purchase of more land and construction of a school, housing for families, farming, livestock raising.
  • Continuing growth of ministries:
    • Ladies Fellowship
    • Men’s fellowship/bible study
    • Parents Meetings/training
    • Student Mentoring
    • Rabbit project & other resource generating projects
  • Mission team in July (Donna, Greg, Jennifer & Elijah)
  • Sarina’s dad healing from cancer
  • Staff development