I am reposting our director’s monthly report with only slight editing because it conveys several things much better than I could do. Also, I have included the story of our most recent staff member, Emmanuel.  He does a good job of sharing how God has worked through Two Roads in his life.

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray for us to hear the voice of the Spirit as He leads us these next few months.
  • Pray for sponsors so more children can hear the truth.
  • Pray for the criminal trial to end; for God to defend the fatherless and the oppressed so that earthly mortals will never again strike terror. Psalm 10
  • Pray for the preparation and planning of our July Mission Trip and for the team going. July 3-20
  • Pray for the land be put back in Two Roads name according to God’s time.
  • Pray for the staff in Uganda; for their personal walk and growth; for strength and wisdom; for God to bless them to know Him more. Eph. 1:17-19


I was orphaned at an early age of nine years old when l lost my father and became a total orphan at the age of 14 when l lost my mother.

The future was grey and with no clear sense of hope. Through some organization,  l got help with scholastic materials and part of school fees payments. It was still not enough to take care of my educational needs and expenses. That is how God brought Two Roads Foundation in my life.

I was picked in 2018 when l was joining high school and to be told l got a sponsor was the best news of my life , because with this care was real hope for the future. At that time little did l know that 2Roads was more than just sponsorship.  I won a new family, l won christ and through character development and discipleship my life had significant transformation.

Two roads foundation did not just pay school fees and tuition at the university but also gave my life more meaning. I have known the love of christ and the father’s love through this ministry. More so l have created long life relationships with the new family members l encountered at 2roads.

Right now l am a graduate of social work and social administration serving the very kids who reflect my story through two roads foundation as a staff member.

I am forever indebted to this amazing ministry that gave me a sense of purpose and meaning. Special thanks to Greg and Donor whose hearts were drawn to us. I pray that may God always protect you for us to keep this vision growing more and more.

Thank you



  1. Parents meeting. (SINGLE’S EDITION)

This was a very awesome meeting, one of the most revealing meetings we have ever had. It was comprised of those that separated from their partners, those that lost their partners, plus those whose partners were alive but not in the picture.

A lot of these ladies stood up and shared very heartbreaking stories of their past relationships, the pain and the hurt, the fear and trauma they have had to live through. A lot of tears were shed by all of us but the most beautiful thing was the acknowledgement that each lady that stood up to speak received from their fellow parents.. Most of them saw themselves in others.

Through their stories, we realized how a lot of poor choices were made and actually capitalized on that to form our discussion. We focused on how we can choose the right partners whose values we share and how we can notice the seemingly small red flags that we tend to ignore yet are a huge reflection of the character of an individual.

This meeting felt like a very safe space for each one of them and we glorified God for that. We hope that the more we talk about these things that most of these ladies will receive the healing they need and also receive the help and counsel they need.

  1. School visits.

In the month of April, we visited our students three times at each school and that is; Kigezi Highschool, New Foundation and Child Africa. It’s always a pleasure getting to hear from them and sharing the word of God. Kigezi currently has our biggest number of students and since its an only boarding school all our secondary students, we have made the most visits there.

Our April Topic was Having CLARITY OF PURPOSE. We extensively shared this topic through these visits.

Visiting them every other week has been an opportune moment to remind them of who they are in Christ, how much we love and believe in them as Two Roads. We continue to encourage them to also always look out for one another as they are a family.

  1. Legal Matters.

The criminal case was supposed to come up on the 22nd April. However, a workshop was organized for all State prosecutors and it was adjourned for a further date to be communicated. Please pray that we can have a closer date for closing arguments.

The kids will be out of school at the end of this week May 3rd . We are super excited to have them back for activities at the Junction.


Thank you for continued Support and prayers,


On behalf of the Ugandan Staff

Greg & Donna