We are so thankful for all the support of our partners and friends. Without your help and prayers this work being done would be impossible. We have witnessed the Lord moving and working in many ways in this ministry. No matter how long we have to wait on the Lord for the end of the trial or getting our land back in our name, we are encouraged to move forward on all fronts in faith!  This is a summary of June and what is coming in July, 2024.

Brenda Princess


They say “it takes a village to raise a child” and it is very true.

A testimony:  We were blessed to hear an unsolicited testimony from one of the girls who spoke up during recent meetings. Her name is Brenda Princess and here is what she shared (paraphrased):

She told us where 2 Roads brought her from. She lost her dad when she was still in her mother’s womb. All through her early years of school she had never received a report card because of unpaid school fees. That changed when Two Roads began to sponsor her. While her school fees problem was solved, she said she was still lost in the world. She shared about how the small groups at Two Roads really helped her to know Christ at a personal level and her life found meaning.  She said all this would not have been possible if God had not used 2 Roads in her life.

Most of the time the needs in Kabale seem totally overwhelming, but then the story of one young person can lift our spirits and help us continue on. Without your sponsorship and your prayers this would not be possible.  Thanks for making stories like Brenda’s possible.


We don’t know what the future holds. In these unstable, dark times, it’s easy to get discouraged and grow weary. But the Lord says to not grow weary in doing good. Even in the darkest times the Lord has shown time and again that He is the Provider for His own. Our desire should be to store up treasures in Heaven. To do so we must intentionally set our hearts on it and wisely invest our time and resources according to the leading and guidance of the Holy Spirit. As we each do our part, listening to what He would have us do, He will provide whatever is lacking for the work.

This month we would like to highlight two very supportive and giving Sunday School classes at Faith Bible Church: Babbs adult fellowship and Stones adult fellowship classes.  They have supplied everything we need for the mission trip we are taking in July. (We also thank Jennifer Stone for organizing it all. She’s great) We want to thank them and praise God for them! They also pray faithfully for us, for which we could not do without.  We also want to thank those of you who have given funds specifically for individual team members going on the July trip. (It’s a great investment in the kingdom of heaven!)

We have a great praise! God supplied Rachael with a sponsor!!!!  We are going to tell her when we see her in July! That is the best part of the job. Thank you so much for praying for her and for the new sponsor.


The trip is July 3-20. There’s many preparations and prayer needed before we go. I’m going to give you a brief schedule of our activities so you can pray very specifically!! Please pray for us daily!

  • July 3-4 traveling
  • July 5 driving to Kabale, through the border!
  • July 6 and July 13 Saturday with all the kids. We do a lot of discipling, games, food, bonding with the children.
  • July 7 and July 14 Sunday Worship. We preach and sing and have small groups where we disciple then we feed them and have lots of activities following.
  • July 8 and July 15 Staff meetings where we get to worship and fellowship and make plans together – special time
  • July 9 and July 16 is the Ladies Fellowship where there is teaching and great worship!
  • July 17 We will be doing a mini-safari
  • July 11 we will have a men’s fellowship
  • July 12 possibly a parent’s meeting.
  • July 19 begin the trip home – flying for two days
  • July 20 HOME! And the days after, recovery.

Other activities that we will do that the staff is scheduling are home visits and school visits, about eight to ten more activities that we will schedule in to these two weeks.  These are some of our favorite things to do!


 Our main prayer for the team this trip is that we will be very intentional in listening to and following the Holy Spirit and sharing the gospel; more intentional in conversations with them about God and the gospel, intentional with our time there – use every encounter for God’s purpose. More intentional in our home visits and school visits! For us to see and hear the Holy Spirit and to follow His lead and walk in His steps. That we would be Jesus’ hands and feet and love as He would love. That rivers of living water would flow through us.

For the Staff and the people there we pray for the door of the gospel to be open and for the gospel to spread quickly.  We pray for open ears and many God-ordained meetings. We pray that we will be an encouragement and blessing to them. We pray that the Word will not return void, that it will accomplish all that it was sent out to do.

For all of us that God would do great and mighty things that we can’t even imagine. That our lives would glorify Him.


How will you respond in faith and courage to the call of reaching the nations? The Lord is calling us to courageous prayer, courageous love, and courageous giving. Consider how the Holy Spirit might empower you to stand strong and support His Kingdom work.


Isaiah 41:13   Matthew 10:30-31

Nothing escapes God’s eyes. If even the fall of a sparrow is noticed by our Heavenly Father, how much more would He notice what happens to be breaking your heart or frightening you or causing you pain!

God bless you all,

Donna and Greg Stone