Sarina Brothers will begin working and living full time in Uganda in July of 2023.  Here is what she will be doing in her own words.

Hello!! My name is Sarina and I’m moving to Uganda!! While I am there, I will be learning the language, tutoring some kiddos, getting to know the families, and, hopefully, loving the town of Kibale well. I have been to Uganda four times within the past several years and I have fallen in love with the people there. As I live it up in Uganda, I pray that the people I come in contact with will simply see the Lord in everything I do. Not for my glory, but for His. 1 Corinthians 10:31!!

Now, you may be wondering, “who is this girl?” As I said earlier, my name is Sarina and I am 22 years old. I am in my first year of teaching and I’m spending it in first grade. I enjoy scrapbooking, hanging out with my friends, trying new things, and being active!!

In His love,


If you would like to support Sarina in her work in Uganda you can do so here.  Sarina will be seeking to raise $600 per month in support to cover her living cost in Uganda.  She also will need some up front money for travel and getting set up initially ($3500).

Monthly: $0/$600

Upfront: $0/$3500

Want to Help Support Sarina on a Monthly Basis?

While you can come to the site once a month and make a donation, one of the easiest forms of payment for your sponsorship is to use bank auto draft. You just print out and fill in the available form and mail it back to us at: 28249 C.R. 70, Orlando, OK 73073. Mail this with a canceled check attached. This form authorizes us to withdraw the amount you specify once per month on the 15th of the month. By using Bank auto draft Two Roads Foundation receives 100% of your gift with no fees taken out.

  • Include a canceled check
  • Mail to: 28249 C.R. 70, Orlando, OK 73073