Special Projects – We Need Your Help!

We have some projects that will require extra funding. Please look through them and consider helping us! We also have a donor who has pledged to match every dollar given toward these projects, up to $5000.  We hope to meet these project needs soon!

Office Project ~ $1,200

$1,369 / $1,200

This project is to convert the garage at the Junction to make offices for 2 additional staff and add the furniture required. Estimated Cost: $1200

  • 3 desks
  • 1 bookcase
  • Lumber for wall
  • Floor covering
  • 2 Doors
  • 4 desk chairs
  • Electrical wiring for 2x outlets
  • Add ceiling lights

Brick Making Project ~ $950

$950 / $950

1 brick making machine has been purchased.  This is a manual machine that makes large tongue and groove bricks for home building. The bricks are made from a combination of soil and cement which are compressed by the machine. We are currently making bricks to build a new home for one of our sponsored children’s mother.  We hope to continue this program as other home needs arise, a habitat for Humanity, Ugandan style. In the future we hope to buy a second machine to take to the Batwa to see if this process can be used by them to build houses. This project will fund tools to go with the brick machines and provide the needed raw materials.  Estimated cost: $950

  • 100 bags cement (50 kg. ea.)
  • Sand
  • 2 chains & hardware
  • 2 locks
  • 2 Jerry Cans
  • Mounting boards & hardware

Fellowship Project ~ $2,450

$2,450 / $2,450

This project is to meet the growing needs of the Tuesday Fellowship and Sunday worship. The number of people coming (100+) exceeds the number that we can seat inside the Junction.  The size makes it difficult to hear the speaker as well. This project will provide a large tent and sound system plus some song books.  Estimated cost $2450

  •  1 large tent
  • 30 song books
  • Sound system
    • Amplifier
    • Sound board
    • Microphones

Fencing the Land Project ~ $6,000

$6,000 / $6,000

Before we can develop the land we need to make it secure by fencing it in and providing a small structure so that someone can live there. Once we have the land fenced we can begin clearing and leveling a space for building a new Junction. We can also place our brick making machine on the property and begin making bricks. Estimated Cost: $6000
• 100 Concrete posts
• 20 bags cement
• 7’ Chain link fence
• 10,000 ft. of wire
• 5000 ft barb wire
• Thorn Hedge plants
• Spades
• Hole diggers
• Wheel barrows
• Pick axe
• Construction materials for small house

Special Projects

Choose any amount to donate. Every bit helps and will be matched up to $5,000! Please leave a note in the comment section if you wish to specify which project your donation should be applied to. (No Paypal account is required to donate with a credit card.)

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