Unity is a jolly, enthusiastic young girl, she loves to sing( she is part of youth choir at her church), reading, she wants to be a lawyer. She is 15 years old and in senior two. She loves school very much even when she is never sure about her finishing just a term given the circumstances at home.

Unity is the first born of three, her mother separated from her abusive father a few years ago and they have since been moving from one house to the other as her father still tries to find them so that he can harm them. Unitys mother does laundry as her source of income, it’s from this that she has to take care of all her family’s needs and truly it has been hard for them as Unity sometimes has to go work with her mum so that they can get money for even food and rent.

Choosing to sponsor Unity will be giving an opportunity to a young person who would in turn change the life of her family and the community at large.